Our leaders are responsible and accountable for delivering IIED's strategy and key organisational objectives, and they meet regularly to make sure we're staying on track. Their experience spans diverse research areas ranging from forestry to communications research to governance.

Our leaders are part of one or more of three IIED teams that oversee our strategic and management work: the strategy and management team, the operations management team, and the research strategy team.

  • The strategy and management team is responsible for delivering our strategy and the cross-cutting institutional priority on governance for sustainable development
  • The operations management team is responsible for the systems that are essential for delivering our strategy, and
  • The research strategy team focuses on steering the content and maintaining oversight of our strategy.

The following members of staff comprise each leadership team:

Strategy and management team

  • Andrew Norton, director (chair)
  • Victoria Reynolds, chief operating officer (interim)
  • Liz Carlile, director, Communications
  • Tom Bigg, director, Strategy and Learning
  • James Mayers, director, Natural Resources
  • Clare Shakya, director, Climate Change
  • Laura Kelly, director, Shaping Sustainable Markets
  • David Dodman, director, Human Settlements
  • Tracy Kajumba, principal researcher, Climate Change (lead on intersectional disadvantage and inequality) 

Operations management team

Christele Riou, a consultant in the Finance group, also attends specifically for finance matters.

Research strategy team