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Prior to the start of COP23, the biggest ever climate march in Germany's history made its way through Bonn (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)
17 November 2017

As the UN climate talks head towards their conclusion in Bonn, IIED director Andrew Norton said: "These talks show signs of achieving some important progress, but equally they lack the necessary decisive action on the rules for the Paris Agreement and on making clear commitments on finance."

14 November 2017

In response to the US administration advocating 'clean' fossil fuels at the UN climate talks for helping development, IIED director Andrew Norton said: "In holding this event the US administration confirms how sidelined it is.

3 November 2017

Ahead of the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany (6-17 November), IIED director Andrew Norton said: "The floods, hurricanes and wildfires that have devastated millions of people's lives from Bangladesh to the Virgin Islands must serve as a wake-up call. There is no question – climate change is here now."

30 October 2017

IIED director Andrew Norton issued a statement ahead of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation's Seventh Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture meeting

8 August 2017

Governments and businesses in the developing world can help protect people's jobs and livelihoods from the damaging effects of automation and rapid technological change. This can be done by refocusing their economic and social policies to make them more sustainable and fair, new analysis shows

10 July 2017

As the final round of the United Nations' preparatory committee meeting on the establishment of a new mechanism to govern the high seas begins, IIED director Andrew Norton said: "Moves to govern the high seas must enable the least developed countries to play an active role in protecting and sustainably managing the ocean. And make sure any activity in these waters benefits everyone – particularly the poorest countries

5 June 2017

As the UN Conference to Support the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 in New York starts, IIED director Andrew Norton said: "It is vital that this meeting is a game changer – both for the health of the oceans and for the people who depend on them."

1 June 2017

In response to US President Trump's announcement that the United States has decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, IIED director Andrew Norton said: "US President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement will be a huge blow to the United States' economy and its global standing. It directly contradicts the president's aims for America to be great again and play a lead role on the world stage.

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