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6 February 2018
Read the January edition of the IIED newsletter, rounding up all our publications, blogs and news from last month
5 February 2018
Participants at a dialogue on artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) say the event has challenged their ideas about the sector and could pave the way for change 
31 January 2018
A new series of discussion seminars organised by IIED will examine how issues of gender are addressed at major international conferences. 
16 January 2018
Join our webinar to discuss how civil society groups can bring forward community perspectives, human rights or environmental issues in investor-state arbitrations
7 December 2017
Leading international climate negotiators and their advisors will analyse the outcomes of the Bonn climate talks and discuss key issues for future negotiations at an IIED event
30 November 2017
New biocultural heritage landscape will protect rich biodiversity and indigenous identities 
23 November 2017
An international conference on how best to respond to humanitarian crises in urban areas ended with calls to put research into practice and to improve engagement with local communities
20 November 2017
Chinese and African stakeholders met in Mozambique to discuss how to protect Africa's forest resources and ensure that Chinese investment generates benefits for local African economies
13 November 2017
More than 40 climate negotiators from vulnerable developing countries were briefed on key issues and negotiating strategies at a workshop just before the opening of the Bonn climate talks
12 November 2017
IIED director Andrew Norton told the Development & Climate Days audience in Bonn that climate change is "the biggest social injustice of our generation"
31 October 2017
Join our Twitter chat on 8 November to discuss how best to respond to crises in urban areas
29 October 2017
IIED's latest newsletter on artisanal and small-scale mining reports on recent 'thematic' dialogues in Ghana and Tanzania, and shares stories of miners and communities in Tanzania, Ghana and Madagascar
25 October 2017
The chair of the Least Developed Countries (LDC) Group has issued the group's key priorities at a high-level preparatory meeting for the next UN climate talks
17 October 2017
The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) has published its 2016/2017 annual report, focusing on the organisation's impact for change
10 October 2017
A new film launched ahead of World Food Day highlights the importance of diversifying agricultural production in Zambia, from farm to fork, in order to improve the nation's diet
14 September 2017
Registrations have opened for Development & Climate Days 2017, which will explore four key themes towards climate resilience for all
12 September 2017
To mark the launch of its new website, the GEC asked leading green thinkers to set out their personal vision of a green economy. Politicians, activists and industry leaders from around the globe responded. Now the GEC is asking: "What does 'a green economy' mean to you?"
6 September 2017
A conference in November will examine how to improve humanitarian aid and collaboration when crises hit urban areas
4 September 2017
Junior climate negotiators from Asia and the Pacific region will develop their climate negotiation skills at a training workshop in Sri Lanka this month
25 August 2017
Our latest forests newsletter reports on a recent learning event in Cameroon, profiles work in Indonesia and features new blogs and publications
14 August 2017
The latest legal tools newsletter reports on how we are helping citizens exercise their rights in relation to land-related decisions and investments
31 July 2017
We're keen to hear your views on IIED blogs and are running a short survey to find out more
18 July 2017
Read the urban IIED newsletter, which rounds up all of our coverage, publications, blogs and news on issues such as rural urban trade and the new urban agenda
13 July 2017
The Global Water Initiative (GWI) West Africa has released a new animation explaining how agreements between government and affected communities can be put in place to ensure large dams bring benefits to all
13 July 2017
The Global Water Initiative (GWI) West Africa has released a new animation explaining how agreements between government and affected communities can be put in place to ensure large dams bring benefits to all