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29 March 2017
Our latest forests newsletter reports on the recent work of IIED's forestry team and highlights a new in-depth report on Chinese investment in African forests
27 March 2017
IIED is inviting researchers, policymakers and businesses to participate in an online conversation about the transition to green and fair economies on 28 March, 2017
14 March 2017
A new film tells stories from inhabitants of the Stone Village in China, home to 220 Naxi ethnic families and a living example of the value of conserving biocultural heritage
26 February 2017
A survey asks stakeholders for their views on IIED's originality, engagement and effectiveness
26 February 2017
Delegates can now book their tickets for the 11th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA11)
9 February 2017
The Global Water Initiative (GWI) West Africa has released a new animation explaining how policymakers can work with local communities to protect the rights of people affected by large dams in West Africa
31 January 2017
IIED's latest newsletter reports on efforts to promote fairness and good governance in the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sector
25 January 2017
The latest issue of the legal tools newsletter focuses on the costs and benefits of international investment treaties, and how community by-laws can help secure customary land rights
19 January 2017
IIED to host a "digital day" dedicated to artisanal and small-scale mining on 1 February, 2017, connecting mining stakeholders across the globe. Use #shareASM to follow the conversation
12 January 2017
Our new annual report animation illustrates how IIED is working with partners around the globe
2 December 2016
A side event at COP22 heard how governments in Kenya, Tanzania, Mali and Senegal are using decentralised structures to get climate finance into the hands of local government and out to climate vulnerable communities who need it most
22 November 2016
New research shows how indigenous communities are fine-tuning traditional knowledge to mitigate the risks of climate change
18 November 2016
Plastic pollution in oceans will be among the topics discussed by record-breaking global circum-navigator Emily Penn at IIED's event on sustainable fisheries and oceans next month
16 November 2016
IIED will co-host a workshop at the Convention on Biological Diversity conference in Cancun, Mexico, to share solutions for mainstreaming biodiversity in line with the SDGs
14 November 2016
IIED and partners are highlighting the potential of devolved climate finance to deliver climate funding that is equitable and responsive to the needs of local people.  The organisations say that local climate adaptation planning offers significant benefits, particularly for people in poor and marginalised areas, and have released an animation that explains how decentralised climate funds operate, and the benefits they offer, that will be screened at a side event on devolved climate finance at COP22
13 November 2016
Make COP for the practitioners who are actually implementing climate change action on the ground, says Saleemul Huq
3 November 2016
Join us for a webinar on 16 November 2016 to discuss how communities can use by-laws to secure their land rights
3 November 2016
A workshop in Dar es Salaam trained junior climate negotiators from Anglophone African countries
1 November 2016
IIED's annual report looks at powering global change through partnership, and describes the many different types of partnerships which enable IIED to deliver impact and encourage positive change
26 October 2016
IIED and partners hosted an event at Habitat III that focused on how to strengthen humanitarian responses to crises in urban areas. Teresa Corcoran reports back from Quito
24 October 2016
Finding alternatives to eviction: Teresa Corcoran reports on how urban poor organisations are working with local authorities to make cities more inclusive and resilient
17 October 2016
Nearly 200 million people are living in cities around the world with no access to electricity – most are in sub-Saharan Africa. The lack of something so basic and necessary is keeping them in poverty and hindering cities’ potential to be the economic powerhouses they can be
17 October 2016
IIED is inviting proposals for original research on the links between humanitarian response and development goals, with specific reference to urban crises. Closing date: 11 November, 2016
28 September 2016
IIED has announced that five research projects in Africa, Asia and the Middle East have received funding for work to improve our understanding of the effects of urban humanitarian crises on the functioning of local markets
23 September 2016
Call for proposals for a regional workshop to be held in Vietnam on how to engage Indigenous Peoples and local communities as active partners in protecting wildlife against the illegal wildlife trade