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30 August 2016
A visually stunning photofilm that profiles three biocultural heritage terriritories and their role in biodiversity conservation and locally determined development is now available in Spanish. Biocultural heritage territories protect indigenous and traditional land tenure and use land management to preserve fragile ecosystems and promote locally determined patterns of development
25 August 2016
A new responsive design streamlines downloads and improves access for readers in the global South
3 August 2016
A new report on combating the illegal trade in wildlife highlights the vital importance – and complexities – of involving indigenous people and local communities in conservation efforts. The report, entitled 'Beyond enforcement: involving indigenous peoples and local communities in combating illegal wildlife trade', documents a workshop in Limbe, Cameroon, in February 2016 which brought together practitioners, government officials and researchers from 12 countries to discuss how to combat illegal wildlife trade
19 July 2016
Leading urban practitioner asks: will Habitat III's New Urban Agenda deliver?
13 July 2016
A new report urges structural reforms to end extreme poverty and tackle climate change and the loss of environmental assets during the next 15 years
8 July 2016
IIED talks to development experts from around the globe to find out how the Least Developed Countries are working to define new ways forward for sustainable development
7 July 2016
The documentary "Lessons from a storm" follows Tacloban City's recovery after Typhoon Haiyan
4 July 2016
More than 50 indigenous mountain peoples representing mountain communities in China, Nepal, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Peru gathered in the Stone Village, in Yunnan, Southwest China in May 2016, to discuss the impact of climate change on their communities. At the end of their meeting they issued the Stone Village Declaration, calling for urgent support for their traditional ways of managing natural resources, and setting out eight actions for the international community
27 June 2016
IIED is inviting proposals for original research that will contribute to understanding local markets in the context of an urban humanitarian crisis and response. Closing date: 21 July, 2016
23 June 2016
Seven research projects will receive funding to study how to assist vulnerable urban groups facing humanitarian crises, the International Institute for Environment and Development has announced
17 June 2016
Can the Sustainable Development Goals trigger a new approach to development in the world's Least Developed Countries? A dialogue event explored the potential
9 June 2016
Join us for a webinar on 6 July, 2016 to discuss how web platforms can be used by civil society organisations to support communities whose land rights and livelihoods are affected by agricultural projects
8 June 2016
In a video to mark World Oceans Day on 8 June, IIED's director Andrew Norton has set out three ways that the international community can work to protect the world's oceans
20 May 2016
The focus of International Biodiversity Day on May 22 is 'mainstreaming biodiversity'. IIED is partnering with the United Nations Environment Programme - World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) on a project that aims to include development issues in key biodiversity strategies and influence development policy to improve outcomes for biodiversity and poverty reduction.
13 May 2016
Officials from six developing countries have completed a five-day training course in Dhaka on managing climate finance. The course is the first in a series of learning events designed to strengthen government capacities to access, manage and deliver national and international climate finance more effectively.
6 May 2016
Scientists, academics and officials called for regional collaboration on safeguarding vital fish stocks in the Bay of Bengal at a seminar in Dhaka on May 4-5. The two-day seminar was organised to discuss research into incentive based fisheries management in Bangladesh and to explore opportunities for collaboration on sustainable fisheries between Bangladesh, India and Myanmar.
7 April 2016
There are just days until the deadline to register for the 10th international conference on community-based adaptation (CBA10) to climate change. But if you can’t be there, you don’t need to miss out
6 April 2016
On Thursday, May 5, 2016 IIED is hosting a discussion meeting that will bring together four leading experts on urbanisation and development to look at at the prospects for Habitat III, the global summit on housing and sustainable urban development. The event will also see the launch of the April issue of Environment & Urbanization
1 April 2016
We have commissioned an independent survey to assess how we are perceived by our stakeholders. Please help us by completing the survey
22 March 2016
Many of the world’s least developed countries, hit hard by the impacts of climate change, are among the front-runners in finding ways forward for climate-friendly economic development, Fatima Denton has told IIED
16 March 2016
IIED senior researcher Sarah Best focused on the important role of civil society organisations (CSOs) can play in advancing universal energy access when she spoke at the Royal Geographical Society in London.
26 February 2016
This year's Poverty Environment Partnership (PEP) meeting will focus on learning from the South, climate resilient poverty reduction and inclusive green economies
23 February 2016
IIED and partners are this week hosting a workshop in Cameroon on how to combat illegal wildlife trade (IWT)
18 February 2016
IIED to host high-level briefing on the outcomes and challenges of the Paris Agreement
2 February 2016
Researchers have until 29 February, 2016 to submit proposals for research projects that can contribute to the goal of improving humanitarian response in urban contexts. The focus of this call is on examining the ways to promote and ensure the protection of particularly vulnerable groups in urban areas in the context of humanitarian crises and responses