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27 January 2014
New 'sustainable development goals' for all nations to adopt in 2015 could deepen problems in the least developed countries (LDCs) if they fail to take account of these nations' priorities and the international nature of challenges they face.
24 January 2014
A pilot project to support adaptation to climate change at the local level in Kenya's Isiolo County has been such a success that it is being replicated in four more counties, to cover a combined 29 per cent of the nation. The move is significant as it shows how county governments could access global climate finance, which is set to rise to US$100 billion a year by 2020.
22 January 2014
IIED and development organisation Hivos have today launched a two-year strategic partnership to provide research-based policy advice to improve sustainable food systems and access to energy in developing and emerging countries.
16 January 2014
IIED authors have contributed to a new UNESCO publication to support African journalists as they get to grips with what will be a defining feature of all of our lives, our changing climate.
15 January 2014
The International Institute for Environment and Development will hold a meeting on 21 March 2014 in Edinburgh to explore ways to make schemes that compensate protectors of natural resources fairer and more inclusive.
13 January 2014
Plans to reshape cities across Africa in the style of Dubai and Singapore threaten to deepen social inequalities and could prove costly to both investors and city authorities, according to a paper in the April 2014 edition of Environment and Urbanization.
27 December 2013
In case you missed them, here are IIED’s most downloaded publications from 2013, with links to any associated blog posts and press releases.
19 December 2013
IIED is pleased to announce the dates for our 8th annual International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA8), which will take place in Kathmandu, Nepal on 24-30 April.
5 December 2013
The plan is an outcome of a conference, aptly named 'Strength in numbers', which took place in Guilin, China from 25-28 November. It gathered 150 participants from many forest-related sectors, countries and regions to discuss the role of producer organisations in sustainably managing forests and generating income at local, national and regional levels.
28 November 2013
A pioneering scheme that could boost stocks of a fish that feeds millions of people in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar may be a model for other fisheries, but would be more effective if it changed in five ways, says a study published today by the International Institute for Environment and Development.
25 November 2013
The COP19 — the 19th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change -- ended on 23 November. Here, IIED's climate change specialists react to the conference outcomes.
25 November 2013
The representatives of farmer and forest producer organizations from around the world are gathering today at an international conference held in Guilin, China
22 November 2013
As foreign investments in agriculture and extractive industries increase pressures on land and natural resources, governments and civil society can harness the law to promote sustainable development.
13 November 2013
IIED will share some of its research on key issues in global agriculture with an audience of Chinese academics, government agencies, policy researchers and nongovernmental organisations at a meeting in Beijing on 15 November.
7 November 2013
The International Institute for Environment and Development will launch our latest book, Economic Incentives for Marine and Coastal Conservation: Prospects, Challenges and Policy Implications on 28 November.
28 October 2013
The new edition of the journal Environment and Urbanization focuses on ways cities can increase their resilience to climate change.
23 October 2013
Three reports published today provide policymakers with concrete proposals to reduce the diverse threats that climate change poses to different communities in urban areas of Vietnam.
18 October 2013
The theme for this year's side event is: "Innovative approaches, incisive dialogue for climate-smart development"
7 October 2013
Scotland’s decision to integrate climate justice into international development programming is significant.
27 September 2013
The latest report of the IPCC is a stark warning that everyone needs to get ready.
16 September 2013
Project by IIED and partners helps conservation to benefit poor communities in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda.
10 September 2013
The academies will focus on how to strengthen the resilience of livelihoods in a changing climate.
19 August 2013
A new book shows how poor urban communities across Africa and Asia have developed powerful new approaches that have enabled millions of people to get better housing and services, and —beyond this — social justice and inclusion in political processes.
2 August 2013
Nepal is developing systems to track its efforts to adapt to climate change whilst measuring progress towards development goals.
31 July 2013
IIED has published a report that identifies research that can shed light on the positive and negative effects of Chinese investment in African forests, and show how to improve governance of the timber trade.