New pledges made towards climate adaptation at COP26

Reacting to announcements of more funding for lower-income countries to adapt to climate change, as well as endorsements of the principles for locally-led adaptation, Clare Shakya, director of IIED's Climate Change research group said:
Press release, 08 November 2021

“Every pledge that brings us closer to providing US$100bn in climate finance every year for poorer countries is welcome. That many wealthier nations are also pledging money to support countries to adapt to climate change, as well as reduce their emissions, is a sign of real progress, tackling both sides of the climate crisis.

"What’s more, many of those wealthier nations are also agreeing to get finance and decision-making to local communities on the front lines of global warming, supporting them to lead their own response.

“What we need to see next are measures to make it much simpler for communities vulnerable to climate change to access this finance given that millions of people are already facing destitution, destruction and even death as a result of global warming.

"Wealthy countries also need to ensure that what’s counted as climate finance is truly worthy of the name and not just ‘business-as-usual’ investments or fossil fuels dressed up in green clothing.”


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Notes to editors

On 8 November, just over $600m has been pledged for locally-led adaptation through Kenya’s Financing Locally Led Climate Action programme with the World Bank, the Least Developed Countries’ Initiative for Effective Adaptation, Asian Development Bank Community Resilience Partnership, the Adaptation Fund Contributor Dialogue and the COP26 Presidency’s Task Force on Access to Climate Finance.

Despite these pledges, the gap remains large. There are calls from vulnerable countries for $1bn commitment at COP26 to reach communities on the front line of climate change through direct access.

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