UN releases Emissions Gap Report 2023

Reacting to the publication of the UN Environment Programme’s 2023 Emissions Gap report, Tom Mitchell, executive director of IIED, said:

Press release, 20 November 2023

“The latest Emissions Gap Report shows greenhouse gas cuts just aren't going far enough, fast enough – the world needs to take the brakes off when it comes to climate action. That means addressing long-standing, deeply embedded aspects of the economic, legal and financial status quo.

“The international investment regime protecting the interests of Big Oil is one example. Treaties and contracts that favour fossil fuel investors are holding back the green energy transition, even though we know most of Earth’s remaining fossil reserves must stay in the ground if we are to prevent catastrophic heating.

“They must be reformed if we want to cut emissions and keep as much of Earth as possible habitable for our descendants. We've got to start putting the health and wellbeing of people and planet above the profits of a wealthy and powerful few.”

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