Duncan Macqueen's blog posts

10 April 2017 |

Mozambique wants to encourage a timber industry that creates jobs and adds value: Duncan Macqueen visited one Chinese company keen to do just that and saw how an IIED-led project is providing support.

20 March 2017 |

A planning mission to Cameroon's community forests by the CoNGOs project team found the Baka people brimming with business ideas, but needing a little help from their friends.

6 March 2017 |

Entrepreneurs from forest communities in Belize are embarking on new businesses ventures, where the products and services come from the forest itself. As well as supporting livelihoods, driving these businesses forward doubles up as an incentive to protect the forests from fire. 

20 December 2016 |

As part of a recent meeting in Bangkok, forest and farm producers heard about initiatives that add value to forest products and motivate farmers to plant trees – particularly significant in light of progressive ideas on sustainability championed by Thailand's late king.

9 December 2016 |

A workshop in Ecuador heard how a new toolkit is helping practitioners get to grips with risk in locally controlled forest and farm business.

14 September 2016 |

How building the business capacity of communities in the Toledo District of Belize looks set to improve fire management and benefit the area's pine woodland.

7 September 2016 |

Smallholder farmers who live in and around tropical forests are critical to protecting forest landscapes. Too often, conservations and governments dismiss them as a threat or an inconvenience.

8 February 2016 |

A new business opportunity could help protect Belize's Yellow-headed parrots and benefit local communities as well.

4 September 2015 |

Ahead of the World Forestry Congress, which opens in Durban next week, Duncan Macqueen asks whether African forests can be saved.

5 August 2015 |

Business training for farmers in Vietnam is adding spice to their harvest – and encouraging them to form producer organisations to make more from their crop.

30 June 2015 |

In the run up to the World Forestry Congress in September 2015, Duncan Macqueen highlights how Forest Farm Facility support to help groups organise is helping forest and farm producers in Guatemala.

4 March 2015 |

Conscious that speaking at a training event for Mozambican Simple License loggers required some theatrical flourish to hold attention in the sub-tropical heat, Duncan Macqueen took to the stage.

25 November 2014 |
In Bolivia, the state is providing support to encourage community organisations to trial innovative new business models that challenge free market norms. Could such new ways of doing business also deliver greater benefits for the planet?
17 November 2014 |

Where will the investment come from to scale up successful locally controlled forestry? That was the question facing participants at a recent South-North Dialogue in Helsinki, Finland.

11 November 2014 |

Kenya means business when it comes to supporting forest farms – partly because it needs to fix a wood demand-supply gap of 12 million m³ per year. So the launch of the Forest Farm Facility (FFF) in Nariobi on 6 November was timely.