Growing Forest Partnerships Initiative

This initiative aimed to build up and support forest stakeholder networks at local, national and international levels.

Duncan Macqueen

Director of forests, Natural Resources research group

Growing Forest Partnerships meeting beneath the trees in Burkina Faso (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

The Growing Forest Partnerships initiative, which ran from 2009-12, sought to improve the connections between forestry and other sectors and to ensure that global discussions about forests took into account the challenges that forest-dependent people and local forest managers face. It also helped local communities and indigenous people influence decision making.

How it worked

The initiative worked on a national level in Ghana, Guatemala, Liberia, Mozambique, Nepal and Ghana. It was instrumental in helping The Three Rights Holders' Group, a network for the collaboration between family forest owners, community forestry and tribal and indigenous peoples living in tropical forests, create its alliance.

It also supported a series of international dialogues on investing in locally-controlled forestry through The Forests Dialogue.

The initiative was also used to inform and develop the Forest and Farm Facility, which supports forest and farm producer organisations.