Growing Forest Partnerships briefing: Investing in locally controlled forestry

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Published: January 2011
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Growing Forest Partnerships is an initiative that helps develop and support networks of people and organisations at local, national and international levels towards the equitable and sustainable management of forestry resources. The growing problem of forest conversion, partly a result of a rising populations, represents a threat both to the climate and to local culture and development. Large agribusiness and logging is expanding in developing countries, often resulting in dispossession for traditional forest rights holders. This briefing puts forward the opinion of the 'G3' alliance, three groups representative of forest rights holders, who believe that giving secure rights to local forest actors produces long-term sustainability and poverty alleviation. For this to work, investment is required. But the investment needed is not only in terms of direct funding. Foundations need to be created for a resilient local economy that strengthens institutions and capacity, and can bring real returns to all those involved.

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