Diversification for climate resilience. Thirty options for forest and farm producer organisations

Research report
, 168 pages
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Published: October 2021
ISBN: 9781784319045
Product code:20311IIED

Global climate resilience is a matter of life and death. In forest landscapes, 1.3 billion smallholder farmers, communities and Indigenous Peoples must organise for climate resilience to survive. With joint responsibility for managing much of the world’s remaining forests and securing food for many of the world’s poor, their resilience is also essential for global climate solutions.

This report is written for representatives of forest and farm producer organisations (FFPOs) and their technical support partners. It explains why climate resilience matters and what it is. It introduces a climate framework and how to build it – including 30 practical climate-resilience options. It includes new analysis of 10 international climate-resilience case studies that show the extraordinary extent to which FFPOs are pushing ahead with climate-resilience options.

Five pathways are advanced to scale up the beneficial impacts of FFPO climate-resilience action – including poverty reduction, biodiversity conservation, forest landscape restoration and climate change mitigation. The close fit between globally accepted generic principles for resilience and the day-to-day characteristics of FFPOs argues for them playing a more central role in bringing about the climate resilience that is important to us all.

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