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  • Two men walk behind a herd in an arid landscape.

    Navigating the challenges of land-based investment: new blog series

    IIED and Land Portal have launched a new blog series on the governance of land-based investments in the global South. The series will explore practical strategies and approaches adopted by rights defenders and others to address common challenges surrounding these investments

    31 March 2022 | News | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Two men on the side of a mountain; one bends over to pick up two sacks, the other carries them on his shoulders

    Promoting better policy and citizen agency in the mining sector

    The mining sector is booming in many countries across the global South. Governments, communities and civil society organisations are mobilising to reshape the landscape of mineral extraction in diverse ways. IIED’s legal tools team is promoting citizen agency in the mining sector through policy analysis, action research and socio-legal empowerment work

    22 December 2021 | Project | Natural resource management
  • Miners on a steep hillside mine tungsten

    Secure land rights are now more important than ever

    In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many low-income countries are looking to their untapped natural resources as a way to deliver a swift economic boost. But there are concerns that the drive for urgent solutions could impinge on vital governance safeguards. Nathaniah Jacobs and Tehtena Mebratu-Tsegaye describe an important new initiative that aims to ensure good governance of land-based investments

    29 January 2021 | Blog | Economics
  • Forestry tractor carrying fruits from a field

    ALIGN: Advancing Land-based Investment Governance

    ALIGN supports governments, civil society, local communities and other relevant actors in strengthening the governance of land-based investments – from agriculture to infrastructure, extractives and manufacturing

    22 September 2020 | Project | Governance
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