IIED and ALIGN at the World Bank Land Conference


IIED and partners on the ALIGN project will be attending the World Bank Land Conference in Washington this week to share insights on strategies to advance the governance of land-based investments so that they deliver on climate change and justice in transition to net zero.

Washington DC, United States
Last updated 14 May 2024
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IIED and ALIGN representatives will be hosting sessions and appearing as panelists throughout the 2024 World Bank Land Conference

The World Bank Land Conference 2024 takes place in Washington DC from 13-17 May.

The conference is a key forum for the land sector, bringing together participants from governments, development partners, civil society, academia and the private sector to showcase research, discuss issues and good practice, and inform policy dialogue.

The theme of the 2024 event is ‘Securing land tenure and access for climate action’. Responsible land-based investment governance is fundamental to the land and poverty agenda in a climate-constrained world. This is why representatives of IIED and the Advancing Land-based Investment Governance (ALIGN) programme will be convening conversations that shine a light on protecting community rights in climate- and nature-related investments (such as carbon markets, conservation ventures and critical mineral mining).

IIED and ALIGN partners will be showcasing processes and guidance to influence national law and policies which drive and regulate land-based investments that enhance climate resilience, facilitate adaptation and promote justice in transition to a low-carbon future.

Participants at these events will be asking what is driving investment priorities and choices, and will share how ALIGN’s technical support facility is generating insights into how effective policy and law reform processes can lead to better investment outcomes.

IIED and ALIGN representatives will be hosting sessions and appearing as panelists throughout the conference, including at the sessions listed below.

The project will also be represented at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office ‘booth’ during the event.

Monday 13 May

Ensuring that the greening economy is just for the land holders    

Time: 3.30-5.30pm
Organised by: International Land Coalition (ILC)
Featuring: Jeremy Bourgoin; Johanna Von Braun; Chloe Cole; Sonkita Conteh (Namati); Marta Esber; Saurlin Pandapotan Siagian; Jackson Bourgoin; Joan Carling; Dianna Pizarro

Tuesday 14 May

Advancing land-based investment governance: scaling up multi-actor and multi-prong engagement at the nexus of land and investment laws and practice for climate action and a just transition

Time: 2-3.30pm
Organised by: IIED and ILC
Featuring: Nathaniah Jacobs, IIED (chair); Adiavou Mawuvi; Jeremy Bourgoin; Rose Mosi, IIED; Ayo Aribidara, special advisor on policy coordination, Ekiti State; Nyaguthii Maina

This session will share practical insights on advancing land-based investment governance, including insights from an innovative facility supporting strategic interventions for improved governance of large-scale land-based investment as well as other actors working on complementary practical approaches and processes.

Participants will be provided with insights into a range of interventions spanning multi-actor platforms and processes, action-research, and practical guidance tools such as model investment contracts, people-centred data generation, shadow policy development and generating implementation guidance for new laws.

The session will also focus on the ways in which gender considerations are integrated into tools and approaches, and the relevance of different actions to advancing the land rights of women, youth and marginalised groups.

Concrete cases and examples will reveal complexities while illustrating the importance of partnerships and the power of collaboration and dialogue among communities, civil society organisations, traditional authorities, government and the private sector for impactful collective actions at the national level.

Wednesday 15 May

Carbon markets and climate justice: how carbon trading frameworks can protect community land rights

Time: 9-10.30am
Organised by: Namati
Featuring: Erin Kitchell (chair, Namati), Shamiso Mtisi; Nitya Sunil; Alphajoh Cham; Sonkita Conteh (Namati); Eileen Wakesho (Namati)

As negotiations over Article 6 of the Paris Agreement ramp up, many countries in Africa and Asia are moving rapidly to establish legal frameworks on carbon trading. However, the pressure to move quickly has sometimes meant carbon credit projects are operating without adequate safeguards, grievance mechanisms or accountability for rights violations.

This roundtable session aims to clarify what is needed for emerging national frameworks on carbon trading to fully integrate protections for community rights and tenure security.

Based on experience supporting local communities to engage with carbon credit projects across Sierra Leone, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and/or Peru, presenters will highlight effective approaches for safeguarding community rights during nature-based investments. This will include examples of strong provisions in existing laws on community land and customary tenure; the role of robust community level bylaws; and best practices from decades of experience with other types of investments (e.g. mining, agribusiness).

The session will also create space for participants from civil society, government and the private sector to collectively articulate policy priorities for ensuring carbon markets respect the rights of local communities and generate fair, equitable outcomes.

Responsible Land-Based Investment Navigator 2.0

As part of ALIGN, IIED and the Land Portal Foundation have developed the Responsible Land-Based Investment (RLBI) Navigator 2.0, a practical tool to help government, civil society and private sector actors identify and access targeted information on responsible land investments.

With more than 200 different tools and guides, reports, case studies and links to relevant platforms, as well as news and blogs on responsible investments, the navigator brings together a variety of resources to help specialist and non-specialist audiences protect land rights within the context of investments.

IIED senior researcher Nathaniah Jacobs explains the ALIGN project in the context of the launch of the Responsible Land-Based Investment Navigator

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Jérémy Davis ([email protected]), senior project manager (communications), IIED's Natural Reseources research group