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  • 2020 annual review cover image

    IIED annual review 2020

    Our annual review for 2020 looks at the complex and interconnected global crises, and our role in making change happen

    15 February 2021 | Page |
  • Colourful illustrations from the 2020 annual review

    IIED launches annual review of 2020

    Our review of the year highlights how IIED and its partners worked to deliver positive change in exceptional circumstances

    11 February 2021 | News | Communication
  • 2019 annual review cover image

    IIED annual review 2019

    Our full 2019 annual review, 'Delivering change', presents some of our strongest achievements over the last year

    13 February 2020 | Page |
  • Fresh vegetables on display for sale

    IIED launches annual review of 2019

    Review of the year highlights international challenges and shows how IIED worked to deliver positive change

    5 February 2020 | News | Communication
  • A large number of participants listen to a speech

    Responsible operations 2019

    As part of our commitment to working in an open and accountable way, we publish information about our actions on environmental and social responsibility. During 2018/19, we slightly increased our carbon footprint by 2% but the institute is well below its overall reduction target

    3 February 2020 | Page |
  • Our annual report highlights pathways to change (Photo: Olivier Girard/CIFOR, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    IIED Annual Report 2017/18

    Our 2017/18 Annual Report looks at how IIED's ways of working help us to deliver lasting impact in a shifting global landscape

    24 October 2018 | Page |
  • A merchant calculates costs in Geita District, Tanzania (Photo: Brian Sokol/Panos Pictures)

    Financial summary 2018

    During the financial year 2017/18 we maintained our income, increased our free reserves and achieved reductions in central costs

    17 October 2018 | Page |
  • IIED communications senior coordinator Julie Hill talks to COP23 delegates in Bonn, Germany

    Responsible operations 2018

    As part of our commitment to working in an open and accountable way, we publish information about our actions on environmental and social responsibility. We are pleased to report that during 2017/18, we reduced our carbon footprint by 12%.

    11 October 2018 | Page |
  • Children in Zambia travel to school. IIED has been working to make cotton policies work for the country's smallholder farmers over the past 12 months (Photo: Simon Lim)

    Financial summary 2017

    During the financial year 2016/17 we increased our income, improved our business planning processes and strengthened our operations

    17 October 2017 | Page |
  • The front cover of IIED's 2016/17 annual report (Image: IIED)

    IIED's 2016/17 annual report highlights the institute's impact

    The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) has published its 2016/2017 annual report, focusing on the organisation's impact for change

    17 October 2017 | News | Communication
  • Many of IIED's staff travel to work by bike, taking personal responsibility for reducing their carbon footprint. IIED also has a strategy for reducing its organisational carbon footprint (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)

    Responsible operations 2017

    We are working to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, and to ensure that we operate in an open and accountable way

    17 October 2017 | Page |
  • The front cover of IIED's 2016/17 annual report (Image: IIED)

    IIED Annual Report 2016/17: a focus on impact

    IIED's Annual Report for 2016/2017 looks at how the institute helps to support positive change

    17 October 2017 | Page |
  • IIED's animation about the way it works in partnership includes a focus on a project in Uganda to deliver fresh food systems (Image: IIED/NAP Design)

    New video highlights how IIED's partnerships deliver change

    Our new annual report animation illustrates how IIED is working with partners around the globe

    12 January 2017 | News | Communication
  • The 2015/16 Annual Report (Image: Arc/IIED)

    IIED Annual Report 2015/16: partnerships in action

    IIED's Annual Report for 2015/16 focuses on showcasing the variety of ways the institute works in partnership across the globe

    1 November 2016 | Page |
  • IIED's 2015-16 Annual Report (Image: Arc/IIED)

    IIED's 2015/2016 annual report focuses on partnership

    IIED's annual report looks at powering global change through partnership, and describes the many different types of partnerships which enable IIED to deliver impact and encourage positive change

    1 November 2016 | News | Communication
  • IIED senior researcher Diane Archer gives a presentation at CBA10 in Bangladesh in April (Photo: ICCCAD, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Responsible operations 2016

    In 2015/16 we reduced our organisational carbon footprint by 12 per cent.

    1 November 2016 | Page |
  • An increase in rent and a five-year maintenance programme on IIED's Gray’s Inn Road property has led to increased support costs in 2015/16 (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)

    Financial summary 2016

    During the financial year 2015/16 we improved our business planning processes and strengthened our operations, focusing on cost recovery, organisational development, fundraising and cross-institutional systems.

    1 November 2016 | Page |
  • The 36-page print version and online Annual Report highlight IIED's wide range of work to ensure global fairness (Image: IIED/We Are Tangerine)

    Annual Report 2014/15: Shaping a fairer future

    IIED's Annual Report for 2014/15 looks at what IIED achieved during the year, and how we worked with many partners to promote equitable and sustainable development

    15 October 2015 | Page |
  • IIED's 2014/15 Annual Report focuses on work to ensure that global agreements are fair for the world's poorest and most vulnerable people (Image: IIED/We Are Tangerine)

    IIED's 2014/15 annual report: shaping a fairer future

    IIED has published its 2014-15 Annual Report, highlighting how the institute works to shape a fairer future

    15 October 2015 | News | Communication
  • The 2014/15 Annual Report sets out key ways IIED and partners have worked to ensure the SDGs are set for success (Image: We Are Tangerine/IIED)

    2014/15 annual report: our work on a sustainable future

    The Sustainable Development Goals set the development agenda for decades to come. How will IIED's work feed into the SDG agenda?

    13 October 2015 | Article | Communication
  • IIED’s annual carbon footprint (April 2012 to March 2015)

    Annual Report 2015: responsible operations

    In 2014/15 we met our target of reducing emissions by 2.5 per cent per year, per head

    16 September 2015 | Page |
  • New IIED director Dr Andrew Norton will focus on using the institute's expertise to shift policies and attitudes (Image: Andrew Norton)

    IIED welcomes new director

    Dr Andrew Norton joined IIED as director on Monday (29 June) during a critical year for environment and development, where the impacts of decisions made by global leaders will be felt by generations to come

    30 June 2015 | News | Governance
  • For the first time, IIED has produced a bespoke online annual report (Photo: IIED/We are Tangerine)

    2014 annual report: online and in print

    The 48-page 2013/14 Annual Report of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) is now available – and can also be accessed online via

    11 November 2014 | News | Communication
  • The 2013-14 annual report

    Annual Report 2013/14: Building bridges for sustainable development

    IIED has been building bridges for decades. In place of brick and mortar we use trust, influence and evidence grounded in local context

    6 November 2014 | Page |
  • Our investment in more energy efficient boilers at our London office has helped to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)

    Annual report 2014: Responsible operations

    Last year we aimed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions per head by an average of 2.5 per cent. So we are very pleased to report that our annual emissions have fallen by 16 per cent

    6 November 2014 | Article | Climate change
  • IIED's expenditure increased from £7.6 million in 2005/06 to £19.4 million in 2013/14. IIED helps give local savers, such as these in Cochabamba, Bolivia, a global voice (Photo: Shack Dwellers International via Creative Commons 2.0)

    Financial summary 2014

    The summarised financial statements are extracted from the full statutory trustees’ annual report and financial statements approved by the trustees and signed on their behalf on 17 July 2014

    20 October 2014 | Page |
  • Annual Report 2012/13: sharing learning for change

    Annual Report 2012/13: sharing learning for change

    Learning is at the heart of IIED's work: we place value on building our knowledge, creating the space to test out in practice what we have learnt and finding ways to bring people together to share ideas and experiences

    3 October 2013 | Page |
  • Annual Report 2011/12

    Annual Report 2011/12: A lifetime of learning

    In 2011 IIED turned 40 years old. We are firmly middle aged – a testament both to the formidable moral purpose laid down in our infancy and the flexible way of working cultivated ever since that we remain as relevant today as in 1971

    30 October 2012 | Page |
  • Annual Report 2011

    Annual Report 2010/11

    Our annual report for 2010/11 focuses on our work to secure transparent and effective decision-making

    17 October 2011 | Page |
  • Front cover of Annual report 2009/10

    Annual report 2009/10

    As the world stepped away from financial collapse and recession, we moved onto the threshold of something new: a focus on shifting economies towards sustainability

    21 October 2010 | Page |
  • Front cover of IIED's 2008/09 annual report

    Annual report 2008/09

    Following the financial meltdown of 2008/09, IIED's Annual Report asked how we can build a more sustainable global economy

    4 November 2009 | Page |
  • Front cover of IIED's 2007/08 annual report

    Annual report 2007/08

    IIED's Annual Report for 2007/08 presented the role we played to take adaptation to the top of the global climate agenda.

    23 December 2008 | Page |
  • Annual report 2007

    Annual report 2006/07

    IIED's Annual Report for 2006/07 illustrated the far-reaching work done to support more sustainable patterns of global development and highlighted important achievements over the year

    16 April 2008 | Page |
  • Annual reports 2001 - 2006

    Annual reports 2001-2006

    IIED's annual reports from 2001 to 2006 provide a comprehensive review of work and achievements.

    18 April 2005 | Page |
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