IIED launches annual review of 2019

Review of the year highlights international challenges and shows how IIED worked to deliver positive change.

News, 05 February 2020
Fresh vegetables on display for sale

Fresh vegetables on display for sale at Lusaka City Market, Lusaka. Stories of IIED supporting small, sustainable businesses feature in the 2019 annual review (Photo: copyright Salim Dawood)

IIED today published its annual review of 2019, documenting how the institute has worked with partners around the world to address key global challenges.

The review, entitled 'Delivering change', is being published in both digital and print formats. 

It is structured around the five global challenges set out in IIED’s 2019-2024 strategy, Make Change Happen. The five challenges are: the climate crisis, increasing urban risk, unsustainable markets, the assault on the natural world and increasing inequality.

The review shows how IIED is tackling each of these issues and achieving practical results and impacts from local to global scales.

The review reports on IIED's wide-ranging work on the climate crisis, including how it provides support to the world’s least developed countries as they continue to champion the needs of their citizens in international negotiations.

It also describes how IIED is working with local partners in three of Africa’s fastest growing cities to find shelter solutions.

IIED works to support a shift to a more sustainable economy and inclusive markets. The review describes how the institute has been part of a hugely successful international collaboration that is supporting small forest producers to reach wider markets and improve their access to forest resources.

Also during 2019, IIED made the case for better collaboration between the biodiversity and development sectors, arguing that biodiversity loss is a growing threat to the livelihoods of the world's poorest communities. A report and blog setting out the evidence was widely read and paved the way for IIED's new Nature 4 Development initiative

All of IIED's work is informed by the need to challenge growing inequality. The review describes how the institute has worked with low- and medium-income countries to negotiate access to marine resources and to advocate for policies that are fairer and more inclusive.

Each section of the review also includes brief case studies reporting on IIED's strongest achievements over the last year.

"More critical than ever"

In a video introduction to the online review, IIED director Andrew Norton says the 2019 annual review illustrates the ways in which IIED is achieving tangible results. He says: "The collection of stories in this review shows how IIED, alongside our partners, is delivering the ambition we set out in our strategy.

"These are just some examples of how, with the right approaches, IIED’s work – enriched by the energy, expertise and experience of our partners – is helping create a future where both people and nature can not only survive, but thrive.”

Cover image of the 2019 annual reviewHe adds that in today's unstable and challenging times, the work of IIED is "more critical than ever".

The print version of the annual review includes more detailed coverage of IIED's activities during 2019. It can be downloaded in PDF format from our Publications Library.