IIED's 2014/15 annual report: shaping a fairer future

News, 15 October 2015
The International Institute for Environment and Development has published its 2014/15 Annual Report, highlighting how the institute works to shape a fairer future.

IIED's 2014/15 Annual Report focuses on work to ensure that global agreements are fair for the world's poorest and most vulnerable people (Image: IIED/We Are Tangerine)

The 2014/15 annual report is now available online and in print.

The report focuses on how IIED is delivering its mission to build a fairer, more sustainable world, using evidence, action and influence in partnership with others. It showcases the projects and partnerships that have shaped IIED's work during the year.

The online report includes a series of video messages from IIED's director, Andrew Norton, in which he welcomes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sets out the institute's future agenda.

Norton says: "Shaping a fairer future means ensuring that global agreements are fair for the world's poorest and most vulnerable people, and produce real and tangible benefits."

"Barbara Ward, IIED's founder, envisioned a time when the "care and maintenance of a small planet" topped political and public agendas. That time is now. You can see it in the big narratives of development goals, finance and action. It is plain to see in the thousands of small ways citizens young and old are mobilising to demand action on climate change, the environment and social justice.

"With our huge strengths in global partnerships, analysis, evidence and values, IIED has a unique contribution to make."

The report highlights the SDGs, and reports on the the work IIED has been doing to prepare for them. Norton says that in the coming year IIED will be looking at the implementation agenda around the SDGs, and in particular the impact that climate change could have on the planet's ability to achieve the 17 goals. He says IIED will also be looking at how to ensure that climate finance works in an equitable way.

A key theme of the report is the fact that in order to shape a fairer future, everyone needs to be heard. The report features the voices of many of IIED's partners around the world, from the Alliance for Responsible Mining in Colombia to the Kenya Forestry Research Institute.

The cover of the 2014-15 Annual Report (Image: IIED/We Are Tangerine)The Annual Report includes detailed reports on wide range of IIED's work, including:

  • Advocating for smallholders affected by large dams in West Africa
  • Helping people in informal settlements improve their food security, and
  • Looking at how civil society organisations can influence major international investment processes.

In addition, it features a wide range of 'snapshots' – brief summaries of key projects from around the world.

The online Annual Report is an innovative interactive document that has been designed so that it can be easily viewed on a range of browsers and devices, including mobile and tablet devices. It is also available as a PDF document in a 5MB good quality format and a high quality 8MB version (PDF).

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