IIED welcomes new director

Dr Andrew Norton joined the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) as director on Monday (29 June) during a critical year for environment and development, where the impacts of decisions made by global leaders will be felt by generations to come.

News, 30 June 2015
New IIED director Dr Andrew Norton will focus on using the institute's expertise to shift policies and attitudes (Image: Andrew Norton)

New IIED director Dr Andrew Norton will focus on using the institute's expertise to shift policies and attitudes (Image: Andrew Norton)

He brings with him more than 30 years' experience in the sector: several years' field experience in Western, Eastern and Southern Africa, South Asia, and the Caribbean, as well as in roles at the World Bank and the UK Department for International Development (DFID). 

Dr Norton joins IIED in their London HQ, and will play a key role in building on the successful work outgoing director Dr Camilla Toulmin has undertaken with the institute's researchers to position IIED as one of the world's leading thinkers on environment and development.

He said: "The urgent challenges of bringing the world to zero net greenhouse gas emissions while empowering the world's poorest people to transform their lives will profoundly change the way we think about development. IIED's deep expertise on sustainable development and the realities of life in many of the world's poorest places put it in a unique position to shift policies and attitudes." 

Norton, having most recently held the position of director of research at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), replaces Toulmin, who has taken up the position of IIED senior fellow. 

He added: "I am delighted to have the opportunity to build on the great work Camilla has done with IIED's staff and partners to position the organisation at the forefront of global debates. It will be a privilege to lead IIED at this time, when its essential message of promoting environmental and social justice is more important than ever."

New director Andrew Norton will continue to work with outgoing director Camilla Toulmin at IIED as she takes on a senior fellow role (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)

Norton joins IIED at a time when the organisation seeks to be ever more ambitious in its influence around the world, shaping the key issues which determine the future of us all.

IIED's organisational strategy identifies four major trends and challenges, focusing work from 2014-2019 and beyond to shift policy and practice towards more equitable and sustainable development. 

These are:

More information: IIED's 2014-19 organisational strategy