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11 December 2014 |

IIED director Camilla Toulmin reflects on her trip to Lima for the COP20 Development and Climate Days.

1 December 2014 |
It’s a wonderful job being director of IIED, partly because of the urgency and importance of the issues on which we work, but also because of the people in the organisation, and those others you come across in the course of every day.
17 November 2014 |

Coal companies are in complete denial — the developing world doesn't need more pollution or expensive new grids, but renewable energy sources.

30 October 2014 |

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is launching an unprecedented appeal in response to the Ebola crisis, but what lessons must we learn if we are to effectively and equitably tackle future shocks of this scale?

29 October 2014 |

IIED director Camilla Toulmin writes about her decision to step down after ten years, and outlines how the institute will search for her successor.

21 October 2014 |

Climate expert Fatima Denton from the Economic Commission for Africa will say it's time for more optimism on Africa and climate change at an IIED lecture to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Barbara Ward's birthday.

23 September 2014 |

People around the world are putting increasing pressure on world leaders to take action on climate change, as demonstrated by this week's climate march in New York.

18 July 2014 |

More than 30 years ago I lived in a mud hut in Dlonguebougou, a village that now is home to 1,200 Bambara people in drought-prone central Mali, where the two main activities are farming millet and raising livestock. Since 1982, I have visited every two to three years, and have just returned from my latest trip. The changes I have seen over three decades represent in microcosm the forces at work in the wider context.

20 June 2014 |

The UN's Open Working Group (OWG) on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) released its 'zero draft' of the goals and targets on 2 June, and the document is a marked improvement on previous OWG working documents. But there's still work needed to streamline the goals and targets while addressing the key barriers to sustainable development. Moreover, it's vital that the targets are structured in a way that promotes their joined-up, inclusive implementation.

17 June 2014 |

Understanding and collaboration on the drylands teaches us much about adapting to climate change.