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31 March 2014
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has today published its latest report on the impacts of climate change and how to adapt to them
26 March 2014
IIED and the Global Environmental Institute will hold a meeting in Beijing on 31 March to discuss what China's growing global influence means for sustainable development
24 March 2014
IIED's founder, Barbara Ward has been honoured with a stamp in the Royal Mail's Remarkable Lives series, which celebrates ten extraordinary people who were born 100 years ago.
24 March 2014
Complex webs of finance can often create barriers but research by IIED shows understanding and harnessing this complexity can create opportunities for public accountability
20 March 2014
Chinese policymakers and international forestry experts will meet in Shanghai on 27 March to discuss draft guidelines that will affect how Chinese businesses involved in the timber trade can operate
19 March 2014
The governments of six countries will share their experiences of assessing the effectiveness and developmental impacts of climate change adaptation, at an international meeting in Kenya on 24-27 March.
18 March 2014
Six Chinese journalists who won fellowships to report from Kenya will share their experiences at a meeting in Beijing on 21 March
17 March 2014
An international conference in Nepal next month aims to show how to unlock finance that can help communities in developing countries adapt to climate change
17 March 2014
Governments from Africa and Asia that are shifting to low-carbon, climate-resilient development pathways will share their progress on 20-21 March at a meeting in Ethiopia organised by IIED and Echnoserve
7 March 2014
The International Institute for Environment and Development is pleased to announce its new strategy for the period 2014-2019