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Frequently asked questions


Due to the size of IIED we take on only a very limited number of volunteers and interns per year. Any opportunities that do arise are usually advertised on the jobs section of our website. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to individual request for internships. 

Jobs at IIED

Job opportunities at IIED will be advertised on our website and we would ask you to regularly check the vacancies section. Unfortunately we are unable to accept CVs and do not hold copies of speculative applications on file.

Can IIED provide financial support to my initiative?

IIED is not a grantmaking organisation, and we do not have the capacity to provide financial support to unsolicited requests for funding. If you are looking for financial support we suggest you look for organisations which request submission of project proposals which are of direct relevance to your areas of interest.

Partnerships with IIED

IIED is committed to a programme of work with established partners. If your interest relates specifically to an area of our work, please be in touch with the relevant member of staff directly via our website people pages. Find out more about our partnerships and coalitions.

Review copies

A limited numbers of copies of our publications are available for review to editors/reviewers of recognised and relevant publications.

Please provide the title and ISBN of the book(s) requested together with your full postal address and specify the publication in which the review will appear. We would also hope to receive a copy of the published review in due course, preferably in electronic format.
Please contact Kate Wilson at providing all of the above details.

Publishing Papers

We accept submissions for the journal below – please visit the relevant section on the website for details on submitting papers.

Receiving our publications

Links to buy printed copies appear on pages where the option is available. These will take you to the relevant publisher and their distributor. If you wish to receive print copies of publications and are not eligible for our Free Publication Scheme (see link below) then please email with details of the publication you wish to order. We will endeavour to send copies subject to stock availability and may charge postage and packing costs.

IIED’s Free Publication Scheme

IIED offers libraries and resource centres operating in the global south the opportunity to receive our publications as they are published, free of charge. If you would like to participate in this scheme please email with the subject title “FPS request” or write to Kate Wilson, Publications and Marketing Manager, International Institute for Environment and Development, 80-86 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8NH including the following details:

The name, postal address and e-mail address (where possible) of your library or resource centre.

TWO topics from the list below to indicate your area of interest:

Adaptation, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Biofuels, Business, Carbon, Climate change, Conservation, Drylands, Economics, Empowerment, Environmental services, Fish, Food, Forestry, Gender, Global institutions, Governance, Investment, Land rights, Land use, Law, Livelihoods, Markets, Natural resources, Participation, Participatory learning, Poverty, Sanitation, Research communications, Strategic planning, Tourism, Trade, Urban, Water.

We are aware that many libraries and resource centres which would benefit from our scheme are not easily contacted via e-mail. Any recommendations or referrals of other organisations who may wish to participate, including contact information, would be greatly received.