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  • Man next to a pile of dried crops of maize.

    New guide for linking sovereign debt to climate and nature action

    During this 'super year', the world is focusing on international summits aiming to tackle global crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. But a third crisis is looming: debt. A new practical 'how-to' guide for innovative debt instruments helps support developing countries tackle the triple crisis of debt, climate and nature

    2 November 2021 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • A fisherman standing in shallow water bends over to tend his nets, alongside a basket

    Innovative financing for African economies to tackle debt, climate change and biodiversity loss

    Key creditors of African countries, including China and international private investors, need to engage with innovative debt instruments to support indebted countries tackle the triple crisis of a high debt burden, climate change and nature loss. That’s the message of a new issue paper from IIED and UNECA.

    12 October 2021 | News | Biodiversity
  • A glass full of coins, with a plant sprouting out of the top

    A green recovery for inclusion: debt relief and special drawing rights for climate action

    The burden of debt on low- and middle-income countries has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    2 July 2021 | Event | Climate change
  • Two men with vests from the Red Cross in front of a destroyed building

    Here’s how to propel a green recovery for the poorest

    Special drawing rights could give indebted countries the flexibility to take climate action that benefits everyone, discuss IIED's Paul Steele and Shamshad Akhtar, former Minister of Finance for Pakistan

    7 April 2021 | Blog | Climate change
  • Landscape of cracked earth

    A triple win: managing debt, climate and nature in the pandemic recovery

    The pressure of growing debt on emerging economies has severely impacted efforts to tackle the climate crises and biodiversity loss. The pandemic has made the situation even more urgent. This event on Tuesday, 30 March explored emerging research into sustainable and innovative post-pandemic debt management with outcomes for nature and climate

    17 March 2021 | Event | Biodiversity
  • Fishermen dragging a net out of a river.

    Debt swaps for climate and nature outcomes in West Africa

    We urgently need to address the triple crisis of debt distress, biodiversity loss and climate change. This project will scope how this could be done through debt swaps for nature and climate outcomes in four countries in coastal West Africa

    1 February 2021 | Project | Biodiversity
  • Head and shoulders images of four people.

    Debt swaps for climate and nature: innovation for resilience? Make Change Happen podcast episode 8

    Debt swaps for climate and nature could offer great gains for the wellbeing of the planet and help to relieve debt pressure on developing countries. What is their potential and challenges?

    12 November 2020 | Article | Biodiversity
  • View of the coast, with a small island surrounded by water, seen from some foliage

    Choosing a sustainable way out of the pandemic’s economic chaos

    With debt swaps governments and finance institutions can address the triple crises of debt, climate change and the destruction of nature

    12 October 2020 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Man, wearing a blue tunic, stands with his back to the camera and looks at huts in the background.

    COVID-19, debt relief, and the climate and biodiversity crises

    On Wednesday, 9 September, IIED hosted an online discussion on how debt relief can be addressed through climate and nature programme swaps

    13 August 2020 | Event | Biodiversity
  • A sea turtle

    Tackling the debt, climate and nature crises together

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, urgent debt relief is needed. This is an opportunity to change how debt relief is addressed and delivered. Over the next two years, IIED will be working to have creditors and receiving countries take up climate and nature programme swaps – a system that makes it possible to tackle the debt, climate change and nature emergencies together, in order to reduce poverty and ensure an inclusive and sustainable post-COVID recovery.

    23 June 2020 | Project | Biodiversity
  • Two women sitting in a field

    No room for manoeuvre: debt prevents investing in the future

    This case study highlights the challenges that farmers in Malawi face when trying to intensify their agricultural production. It focuses on smallholder farmers in the Mwansambo area of Central Malawi. Mwansambo and neighbouring areas are important food and cash crop producing regions. But despite decades of agricultural development interventions, farmers are still struggling to feed their families and invest in sustainable land management

    26 April 2020 | Article | Food and agriculture
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