IIED Annual Report 2016/17

Annual report
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Published: October 2017
Annual Report
ISBN: 9781784315375
Product code:17433IIED

IIED's 2016/17 annual report summarises the institute's activities during the year. The focus of this year's report is impact – how IIED is helping to foster positive change at both local and international scales, and across key research areas. In his introduction to the report, IIED director Andrew Norton says: "We hope the stories in this report demonstrate the value of our approach – and the very real differences that IIED and its partners are making." The report describes IIED's many achievements during the year, from generating important evidence-based research, to fostering positive dialogues among disparate stakeholders, and influencing policymakers at global talks. The report also features statistics about IIED's publications and international audiences, as well as information about the institute's partners around the world. The final section provides information on IIED's financial performance during the year under review, and reports on how the institute is working to improve its environmental performance.

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