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  • A man and a woman holding a machete stand in front of a tree in a forest

    Introduction to forest-climate action

    Climate change is having widespread negative impacts on 1.3 billion people dependent on forests for their livelihoods and wellbeing. Yet these people are organising themselves to adapt and build their climate resilience

    12 October 2021 | Article | Climate change
  • Headshots of four people over a sunrise over a lush forest

    Getting climate resilience right – the case for backing smallholder organisations: Make Change Happen podcast episode 13

    Forest and farm smallholders are fighting for their livelihoods and food security. New research shows producers’ practical measures for climate resilience have impact, but barriers remain to scaling the work up and out. In this ‘super year’ of climate and nature, the latest episode of the Make Change Happen podcast hosts a discussion on what support smallholders need, and who should provide it.

    13 September 2021 | Article | Communication
  • An association of farmers in northeast Myanmar carries out value chain analysis of elephant foot yam (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Strengthening producer organisations is key to making finance inclusive and effective

    IIED's Duncan Macqueen explains the need to increase finance and investment in sustainable forestry and farming for smallholders

    12 March 2019 | Article | Forests
  • Baka women collecting non-timber forest products in Nomedjoh, Cameroon (Photo: Indra Van Gisbergen)

    Biodiversity: a women’s business?

    Women are among the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the world. What role do their burgeoning forest and farm businesses play in safeguarding biodiversity?

    29 November 2018 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Vast quantities of logs being unloaded in the port of Zhangjiagang, South-East China. Estimates suggest timber imports travelling through Zhangjiagang increased by more than 60% in 2017 (Photo: Simon Lim/IIED)

    Crucial agreement with China could save Mozambique’s forests

    Chinese companies can help Mozambique conserve country’s threatened forests, writes Duncan Macqueen

    14 August 2018 | Blog | Forests
  • Financing forest-related enterprises in ways that reduce both deforestation and poverty is critical to climate action and sustainable development (Photos: K Traumann/CGIAR, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Webinar: Strengthening the effectiveness of private sector engagement in addressing deforestation

    This webinar on 11 April 2018 discussed innovative ways to channel and leverage finance to forest-related enterprises

    3 April 2018 | Event | Forests
  • Cooperative members at the Federation of Cooperatives of the Verapaces nursery in Cobán, Guatemala operate a compost packing machine. FEDECOVERA oversees the production of cardamom, allspice, coffee, tea, cocoa, essential oils, grains and vegetables (Photo: Juan José Ochaeta/FEDECOVERA)

    IIED marks international forests day with major new research report and toolkit

    IIED is marking the International Day of Forests (21 March) by issuing two new publications with its Forest and Farm Facility partners that highlight a powerful new approach to strengthening forests and forest producers

    21 March 2018 | News | Forests
  • Ghanaian women working in a micro enterprise shell cocoa, one of the commodities driving deforestation in western Ghana. These enterprises need targeted access to finance to adopt sustainable production systems that can contribute to halting deforestation and improving livelihoods (Photo: Tom Blomley)

    Evaluation and Learning Partnership on Financing Forest-Related Enterprises

    IIED has partnered with LTS International to carry out an Evaluation and Learning Partnership on Financing Forest-Related Enterprises to generate learning from the Forest Investment Program

    23 February 2018 | Project | Economics
  • New Community Forest Instructions give communities rights to commercially sell timber and non-timber forest products, such as such as rattan and honey (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Forest rights create new livelihoods in Myanmar

    In Myanmar, the National League for Democracy (NLD) is transferring the rights to forest land – and all its potential bounty – to local communities. Duncan Macqueen explains how this important move, supported by peer-to-peer learning, is helping to establish new long-term livelihoods

    5 December 2017 | Blog | Forests
  • Chinese and African delegates visit a nursery and learn about a reforestation project in Pemba, Mozambique (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Sustainable investment in African forest resources highlighted at China-Africa event

    Chinese and African stakeholders met in Mozambique to discuss how to protect Africa's forest resources and ensure that Chinese investment generates benefits for local African economies

    20 November 2017 | News | Natural resource management
  • Cutting down trees, especially for livestock grazing, can lead to soil erosion, as seen on this hillside outside Addis Ababa (Photo: Aaron Minnick/World Resources Institute, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Shaping the future of forest and farm landscapes in Africa

    As part of a new interdisciplinary partnership, IIED will be working with sector experts, scientists and practitioners to better understand and manage the growing competition for land in Sub-Saharan Africa, as governments seek to balance food production with forest conservation targets

    21 August 2017 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Miombo woodlands in Southeast Tanzania. But can remote sensing technologies accurately detect the woodlands (Photo: Samuel Bowers)

    How much can the eyes in the sky really tell us about deforestation?

    A recent study by the University of Edinburgh and IIED reveals the limitations of remote sensing technology to monitor the impacts of agriculture expansion on forests in Sub-Saharan Africa

    11 January 2017 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Stands of giant bamboo, in what was once degraded cattle pasture, are ready to be loaded onto trucks (Photo: Duncan Macqueen)

    Bamboozled by bamboo?

    A workshop in Ecuador heard how a new toolkit is helping practitioners get to grips with risk in locally controlled forest and farm business

    9 December 2016 | Blog | Forests
  • The Deramakot Forest Reserve, in Sabah, Malaysia, includes a strict protection area for biodiversity conservation and a reduced-impact logging area (Photo: Angela Sevin, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Remembering Duncan Poore, a leading light in sustainable forestry

    Duncan Poore, who died on 22 March, 2016, was a botanist, conservationist, forester and ecologist. He is widely heralded as a key shaper of the policies and practises that underpin conservation and sustainable forest management across the world. His long and distinguished career included a period as senior research fellow at IIED, where he established the Forest and Land Use programme

    19 October 2016 | Article | Forests
  • Mangroves (Blue Carbon) in the Lamu area, on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya (Photo: Peter Prokosch)

    IIED at the IUCN World Conservation Congress

    IIED and its partners were at the World Conservation Congress in Hawai'i from 1-10 September 2016

    23 August 2016 | Event | Biodiversity
  • Meceburi Forest, Mozambique: a young woman harvests casava (Photo: Mike  Goldwater/IIED)

    Seeds of the post-capitalist forest?

    Could innovative local organisations working with forests, together with the Paris climate agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals and global financial crisis help deliver us into a post-capitalist era

    11 February 2016 | Blog | Forests
  • Pre-emptive controlled burning in Belize is preventing severe uncontrolled wild fires during the driest months (Photo: Toledo Institute for Development and Environment)

    Flaming parrots and palmetto palms

    A new business opportunity could help protect Belize's Yellow-headed parrots and benefit local communities as well

    8 February 2016 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • A local farmer uses manual callipers to measure a tree. Measuring trees in person can be cheaper and just as accurate (Photo: Geoff Wells)

    The Paris Agreement, SDGs and simple local monitoring

    How can we minimise monitoring costs and make sure that money intended for local "development" ends up with the people who need it?

    7 January 2016 | Blog | Forests
  • An area of forest in Tanzania, where REDD+ activities have included the support of community land use planning and the provision of alternative livelihoods (Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

    Tackling deforestation as part of climate action

    While world leaders worked towards a new global climate change agreement at COP21 in Paris, 51 practitioners, policymakers and researchers met at a two-day IIED workshop about REDD+ to discuss the key role forests can play in climate change mitigation

    17 December 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • Women harvest their rice crop in Meceburi forest reserve, near Nampula, Mozambique (Photo: Mike Goldwater)

    Food demand and forests in sub-Saharan Africa

    With the support of country partners, IIED is conducting research to better understand existing and future competition and trade-offs between food production and natural forests, and the implications for land use policies in sub-Saharan Africa

    30 November 2015 | Project | Biodiversity
  • South Africans celebrate 'Vuvuzela Day': the World Forestry Congress in Durban will discuss critical forestry issues (Photo: Dundas Football Club, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Time to dust off the vuvuzelas

    Ahead of the World Forestry Congress, which opens in Durban next week, Duncan Macqueen asks whether African forests can be saved

    4 September 2015 | Blog | Forests
  • A tree nursery run by Fedecovera, is the world's biggest exporter of cardamom and a cooperative with 25,000 members (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Organise to thrive

    In the run up to the World Forestry Congress in September 2015, Duncan Macqueen highlights how Forest Farm Facility support to help groups organise is helping forest and farm producers in Guatemala

    30 June 2015 | Blog | Forests
  • Deforestation in Bhutan: forests are a prime example of how an integrated approach to policymaking can prevent benefits in one area undermining wellbeing elsewhere (Photo: Curt Carnemark/World Bank, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Integration: will the UN Forum on Forests lead the way?

    Ahead of the UN Forum on Forests meeting in New York, IIED’s Jonathan Reeves argues that achieving the Sustainable Development Goals – particularly for forests – depends upon integration and compromise and asks whether the political will exists to lay aside egos and break down institutional barriers

    1 May 2015 | Blog | Forests
  • Market Analysis and Development training course participants (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Bolivia's indigenous peoples drive forest farm innovation to benefit Mother Earth

    In Bolivia, the state is providing support to encourage community organisations to trial innovative new business models that challenge free market norms. Could such new ways of doing business also deliver greater benefits for the planet?

    25 November 2014 | Blog | Natural resource management
  • Northern Ghana: a village chief learns forestry skills. Rural communities need investment to build up forest and farm enterprises and link them to markets and support networks (Photo: Treeaid, via Creative Commons)

    It's time for revolution in forest business

    Where will the investment come from to scale up successful locally controlled forestry? That was the question facing participants at a recent South-North Dialogue in Helsinki, Finland

    17 November 2014 | Blog | Forests
  • Leaders of the Southern Aberdare Conservation Network (SACN) discussing support from the Forest and Farm Facility (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Taking the brakes off forest farm development in Kenya

    Kenya needs to fix a wood demand-supply gap of 12 million m³ per year. So the launch of the Forest Farm Facility in Nariobi on 6 November was timely

    11 November 2014 | Blog | Forests
  • Lushoto, Tanzania: Farmers are being encouraged to diversify into agroforestry. Here a tree nursery group discusses the challenges and opportunities (Photo: P Kimeli/CCAFS)

    Look beyond the trees: the SDGs will have to do more than just 'protect forests'

    A UN working group has drafted targets to succeed the Millennium Development Goals, which will expire next year. IIED's assessment finds a strong set of targets, but also trade-offs and missing issues

    4 November 2014 | Blog | Forests
  • Forests image

    New roadmap for boosting small-scale and family forest producers

    Indigenous peoples, local communities and private smallholders own or manage a growing proportion of the world's forests and can play a significant role in tackling deforestation and reducing pover

    30 June 2014 | News | Forests
  • Local forest workers in Cambodia, one of the regions studied for a new report (Photo: Frontier Cambodia Forest via Creative Commons

    Four ways to support locally controlled forestry and benefit people and the planet

    Governments, donors and investors must bolster locally-controlled forest businesses if they wish to deliver public goods, support livelihoods and help tackle poverty and climate change, says a new report

    20 May 2014 | News | Forests
  • Mountains, forests and rice paddies in Nepal (Photo: Sajal Sthapit)

    Risky business: assessing potential impacts of REDD+ in Nepal

    Nepal has begun to assess the potential harm and benefits of the compensation scheme for protecting forests

    9 April 2014 | Blog | Forests
  • This week in Myanmar, pictured, the Forest Farm Facility is funding a national exchange between forest and farm producer groups and many other producer groups (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Forest and Farm Facility: Getting resources to those who matter

    Improving the participation of rural people has been in vogue for years, often with limited success. Here's one scheme that lives up to the hype by involving forest and farm producers on their own terms

    24 March 2014 | Blog | Forests
  • The Ewaso Ng'iro River, in Isiolo County's Shaba National Reserve, Kenya where pilot projects to support adaptation 'may not yet be perfect, but have the right idea'. (Photo: Ninara via Creative Commons

    Why community 'based' adaptation to climate change is not enough

    Proponents of community-based adaptation to climate change need to put communities in the driving seat, says Anju Sharma

    18 March 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • Deforestation and fire ravage a forest area in Uganda (Photo: Paul Hatanga)

    Random trials in Uganda to show if payments for ecosystems services really work

    To assess whether a promising approach to reduce poverty and conserve forests in Uganda really works, we need to use a randomised controlled trial, says Paul Hatanga.

    10 March 2014 | Blog | Sustainable markets
  • A line of Christmas trees. Photo: Brett Flanders (Creative Commons

    Sustainable development requires an infusion of love

    Next year, new Sustainable Development Goals will set our trajectory into an increasingly uncertain future. But country delegations are arguing over the wrong thing

    20 December 2013 | Blog | Forests
  • Sudanese Women selling charcaol. Rita Willaert/ Flickr (Creative Commons)

    REDD+: 3 things to consider so men and women share the benefits

    Linking commodities that drive deforestation with gender offers great opportunities that capitalise on the advantages of different actors

    18 December 2013 | Blog | Climate change
  • The platform launch brought together high-level African and Chinese officials, policymakers, researchers and forestry experts (Photo: Simon Lim)

    Platform set for China-Africa forest governance action

    A new partnership builds bridges between African and Chinese stakeholders to strengthen governance of forests.

    9 December 2013 | Article | Forests
  • Smallholder forest-farm in Myanmar

    Fairer by Far: Multi-functional mosaics for public goods

    Smallholder forest-farms are increasingly coming into competition with large-scale investors. Global demand for food, feed, fuel and fibre products is putting a squeeze on forested land.

    23 August 2013 | Blog | Forests
  • A villager gathers medicinal bark in Mozambique

    Investing in sustainable productivity could secure REDD+ schemes long term

    Putting less emphasis on carbon payments and more on supporting sustainable enterprise could give REDD+ projects longer-term financial security.

    13 December 2012 | Blog | Climate change
  • REDD+ in Mozambique: new opportunity for land grabbers?

    Land is cheap and is perceived to be abundant in Africa. A scramble for its land, following the food and fuel crisis three years ago, is on. European and North American companies have been acquiring land to grow export and biofuel crops and to supply their need for pulp and paper. Now they’re being joined by newly emerging economies – in particular Brazil, India and China – which are also increasingly acquiring large tracts of land and searching for other natural resources, in particular water and minerals.

    15 September 2011 | Blog | Forests
  • The interface between forests, agriculture and climate change: understanding the implications for REDD

    This work sought to increase understanding of the interaction between forestry, agriculture and climate change. It mapped the implications for strategies and approaches to Reductions in Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD)

    2 September 2010 | Project | Climate change
  • European Tropical Forest Research Network

    IIED's forest team acted as the UK focal point for the European Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN) in 2010

    31 August 2010 | Project | Communication
  • Power Tools: for policy influence in natural resource management

    The Power Tools initiative set out to develop, test and circulate existing and new tools to bridge some of the key gaps in policy processes and content for the day-to-day management of natural resources

    1 October 2008 | Project | Forests
  • Forests, resilience and climate change

    This project focused on generating a better understanding and making the most of forest resilience in the face of climate change

    11 June 2008 | Project | Climate change
  • Small and medium forest enterprises and associations

    The forestry sector in developing countries is dominated by small and medium sized forest enterprises. IIED worked to highlight the contribution they make to sustainability and poverty reduction despite the diverse range of these enterprises

    11 June 2008 | Project | Forests
  • Forest ethics

    Development does not always advance human wellbeing and the global ecosystem on which that wellbeing depends. This project interrogated some of the value assumptions behind development

    11 June 2008 | Project | Forests
  • Exploring fair trade timber

    Fairtrade has done much to help community enterprises – but mainly in agriculture, not forestry. This project examined the demand and potential of a mechanism, such as Fairtrade, that can both empower and distinguish community forest products in the market place

    11 June 2008 | Project | Forests
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