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  • A woman wearing a face mask and a visor stands behind a table of vegetables selling her produce.

    COVID-19 and forest communities

    IIED and partners are exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on community forest organisations and the lessons that can be learnt through the resilience they have demonstrated and their contributions to building back better

    21 October 2021 | Project | Food and agriculture
  • A man and a woman holding a machete stand in front of a tree in a forest

    Introduction to forest-climate action

    Climate change is having widespread negative impacts on 1.3 billion people dependent on forests for their livelihoods and wellbeing. Yet these people are organising themselves to adapt and build their climate resilience

    12 October 2021 | Article | Climate change
  • Women cross a river

    Time to move unseen foresters into the limelight

    A new report spotlights alternative approaches by which sustainable forest management can deliver more for indigenous people and local communities

    14 July 2020 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • A group of people holding a tree seedling

    Harnessing the power of bees to benefit forest and people

    To mark the International Day of Forests earlier this week, we’re sharing a story about a beekeeping project that’s helping to conserve Kenya’s Loitokitok forest and support the surrounding community

    26 March 2020 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • People planting trees

    Planting pilot has vision to nurture young tree ambassadors

    Guest blogger Joanes Ooko Odero reports from Kenya on a new tree-planting initiative

    11 February 2020 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Peter DeMarsh, who died in the Ethiopian Airways crash on 10 March 2019 (Photo: Teresa Sarroca)

    IIED remembers Peter DeMarsh

    IIED pays tribute to a leader of family foresters who died in the Ethiopian Airlines crash on 10 March 2019

    14 March 2019 | News | Forests
  • A community-owned Mexican sawmill in Oaxaca (Photo: Duncan Macqueen)

    Incendiary observations from the 4th FLARE conference

    Researchers into forest livelihoods recently met in Copenhagen to share ideas on how to support forests, sustainable forestry and forest peoples. Duncan Macqueen reports back on some of the highlights

    22 October 2018 | Blog | Forests
  • The community owners of a furniture factory pose for a photo

    Locally controlled forest enterprises are the whole enchilada

    Duncan Macqueen explains how community forest enterprises in Mexico are already supporting the integrated delivery of the SDGs

    10 September 2018 | Blog | Forests
  • New Community Forest Instructions give communities rights to commercially sell timber and non-timber forest products, such as such as rattan and honey (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Forest rights create new livelihoods in Myanmar

    In Myanmar, the National League for Democracy (NLD) is transferring the rights to forest land – and all its potential bounty – to local communities. Duncan Macqueen explains how this important move, supported by peer-to-peer learning, is helping to establish new long-term livelihoods

    5 December 2017 | Blog | Forests
  • Smoked fish is a delicacy in Cameroon (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Protecting Cameroon's forests: a fishy business?

    Projects that invest in more efficient fish smoking businesses are improving livelihoods and conserving mangrove forests on Cameroon's coastline. Valuable lessons in forest protection can be taken from the coast, deep into the country's rainforests.

    28 July 2017 | Blog | Forests
  • Rwanda has made significant commitments on restoration. Kigali, surrounded by green hills, was a particularly fitting venue for the African Forest Landscape Investment Forum (Photo: atulinda Images, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Restorative insights at the pool in Kigali

    A recent meeting in Rwanda concluded that enabling investment in business capacity development is vital to get small-scale forest entrepreneurs ready for 'asset investment' – and promote forest landscape restoration at scale

    8 June 2017 | Blog | Forests
  • Community technicians and coordinators in Uganda chat with a local farmer during a monitoring visit. These discussions are a key connection between the technical and local worlds in carbon forestry (Photo: Geoff Wells)

    Bridging the two worlds of carbon forestry

    Drones and satellites swirl overhead to monitor our forests. Computers churn out calculations of forest growth, while carbon markets ring up transactions. This is the backdrop to carbon credits that are financing forest conservation. But how do local people fit into this fast-evolving world of technology?

    5 April 2017 | Blog | Forests
  • The road from Lomié in Southeast Cameroon (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Cameroon's real indomitable lions are in the forest

    A planning mission to Cameroon's community forests by the CoNGOs project team found the Baka people brimming with business ideas, but needing a little help from their friends

    20 March 2017 | Blog | Forests
  • A tour group from ecotourism business Adventures in the Last Corridor explore possible caving tour options (Photo: Cathy Smith)

    Business incubation motivates fire management

    Entrepreneurs from forest communities in Belize are embarking on new businesses ventures, where the products and services come from the forest itself. As well as supporting livelihoods, driving these businesses forward doubles up as an incentive to protect the forests from fire

    6 March 2017 | Blog | Forests
  • San Isidro Ketchi Cuisine and Craft Restaurant (SIKCCR - San Isidro) worked on their business plan (Photo: Duncan Macqueen)

    Community forest-farm business training under way in Belize

    IIED and partners are providing business training to community groups hoping to set up forest-farm enterprises in the pine woodlands of southern Belize. The project aims to promote conservation, community-based fire risk management and just and sustainable use of woodland resources

    14 September 2016 | Blog | Forests
  • A woman carries firewood in the rainforest

    CoNGOs: NGOs collaborating for equitable and sustainable community livelihoods in Congo Basin forests

    CoNGOs is an IIED-led UK consortium that aims to achieve improved governance and practice in equitable and sustainable community forestry livelihoods in the Congo Basin

    4 August 2016 | Project | Forests
  • Two rice terraces with a small forest growing between them in Nepal.

    Nepal: Forestry and agriculture and the story of their fake divorce

    While many Nepali subsistence farmers happily combine forestry and agriculture on their land, there is little integration between the two sectors in the country’s policy and administration.

    18 July 2013 | Blog | Forests
  • Elephant yams growing on a forested slope in Myanmar.

    Myanmar: Could an unusual yam help the march of community forestry?

    An unlikely sounding tuber could help local farmers achieve a landscape of community forestry in all but name in Myanmar.

    17 May 2013 | Blog | Forests
  • Collaborative management of forests and wildlife in Vietnam

    This project aimed to conserve threatened biodiversity in the Bi Doup Nui Ba National Park in Vietnam through the introduction of collaborative forest and wildlife stewardship models based on negotiated tenure and access rights

    2 January 2009 | Project | Biodiversity
  • Exploring fair trade timber

    Fairtrade has done much to help community enterprises – but mainly in agriculture, not forestry. This project examined the demand and potential of a mechanism, such as Fairtrade, that can both empower and distinguish community forest products in the market place

    11 June 2008 | Project | Forests
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