How we communicate

We strive to communicate with the right people, in the right way, at the right time

IIED's communications team focuses on supporting the strategy and values of the organisation and its partners. We plan and coordinate communication, marketing and policy engagement with a global audience, working with the media, managing print and digital publishing, and supporting events across the world. We also focus on research communications, sharing lessons we've learned through blogs, multimedia and seminars.


Our communications work is not just how we talk about the changes we make – but an increasingly big part of how we make change happen.

Liz Carlile, director of Communications

Our experts

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Group director

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Comms content officer

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Production manager

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Head, research communications

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Head of audience development

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Managing editor

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Head of media

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Senior coordinator

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Comms and advocacy officer

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Intranet manager

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Web services manager

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Marketing manager

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Web manager

Three key communications objectives

1 Put audiences first

Ensure that all our products, messages and communications put an understanding of audience first, and are targeted towards particular stakeholders, recognising their role in the process of change we are helping to steer and – where possible – reinforce that message of change

2 Create content for impact

Ensure that the work of IIED and our partners influences sustainable development policy and practice, and stimulates change at global, regional and local scales. This will mean ensuring content is timely and specific, and relevant and accessible to key audiences

3 Enable best practice communications

Increase the understanding and better use of key skills required for effective research communications and marketing by IIED staff and partners: through practical support; by understanding best practice in research communications and how communications work represents value for money; and sharing what we learn about communications for change