How we communicate

IIED’s Communications Group works to ensure our evidence-based research and analysis has the greatest impact. We provide accessible, fact-based analysis to influential audiences around the world, including policymakers, academics and practitioners. 

At the same time, emerging digital and social media platforms and technologies allow us to engage directly with wider, more diverse audiences, including informed citizens, the private sector and local organisations across the global South.

We want to take an ambitious approach to engagement and listening; building communities, strengthening relationships and creating new connections to make a difference on issues that matter.

To power this approach, IIED commits to maximising its impact through strategic communication. We will work harder to:

  • Truly influence the right audiences 
  • Be led by our ambition for impact and identify engagement activities and content to support this outcome-driven approach  
  • Use media channels as part of these impact strategies, raising IIED’s profile with more diverse audiences, and
  • Enable staff to share their learning and knowledge with colleagues and communicate IIED’s values more strongly.

All this will help us to craft powerful, influential narratives alongside  partner organisations, leveraging diverse formats and channels to share stories and ideas that resonate with key audiences, spur them to take action, and advance IIED's mission to build a fairer, more sustainable world.

Our experts

We are a team of specialists supporting IIED’s strategy and striving to have impact through communications.

Head and shoulders photos of Chris Brody

Chris Brody

Web services manager


Head and shoulders photo of Blessing Ekoleya Ikanyi

Blessing Ekoleya Ikanyi

Data and marketing insights officer


Head and shoulders photo of Clair Grant-Salmon

Clair Grant-Salmon

Head of audience development


Head and shoulders photo of David Lim.

David Lim

Intranet manager


Head and shoulders photo of Anne Schulthess.

Anne Schulthess

Marketing manager


Head and shoulders photo of Matt Wright

Matt Wright

Website planning and content manager


Head and shoulders photo of Teresa Corcoran

Teresa Corcoran

Communications content manager


Head and shoulders photo of Jodie Frosdick

Jodie Frosdick

Production manager


Head and shoulders photo of Julie Hill

Julie Hill

Group manager


Head and shoulders photo of James Persad.

James Persad
Director of communications


Illustration of faceless head and shoulders image

Jon Sharman

Press officer

Head and shoulders photo of Georgina Diaz

Georgina Diaz

Digital officer


Head and shoulders photo of Rosalind Goodrich

Rosalind Goodrich

Head of research communications


Head and shoulders photo of Natalie Lartey

Natalie Lartey

Advocacy and engagement manager


Head and shoulders photo of David Sankar

David Sankar

Web services manager


Head and shoudlers photo of Juliette Tunstall

Juliette Tunstall
Internal engagement and external events manager


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