China in the world

IIED’s 'China in the world' programme of work focuses on the sustainable development challenges and opportunities of its overseas aid, trade and investments.

Article, 01 August 2019
Three men look out over a pond

Chinese aid workers and farmers look over a Chinese aquaculture demonstration pond in Malawi (Photo: Lila Buckley/IIED)

Analysts often view China’s role through a false binary choice: between China “buying into the Western-led world order or trying to overthrow it by waging war”. Instead, China appears to be forging a set of alternative rules and institutions informed by Chinese ideas of development and sustainability.

The Chinese vision of ecological civilisation aims to promote an economic strategy based on ecological upgrading and inclusive development, while the highly ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is pushing a wave of state-backed and private financing for infrastructure projects deep into the lands and rural communities of developing countries.  

Both initiatives could have profound effects on global climate and biodiversity. China’s growing focus on global governance presents both challenges and opportunities, particularly as societies and governments in Europe and North America increasingly fracture and look inward.

What is IIED doing?

IIED has pursued a China objective in its strategy over the past decade. Our current 'China in the world' programme of work focuses on the sustainable development challenges and opportunities of China’s overseas aid, trade and investments.

Specifically, the institute is working to improve the impacts of Chinese-linked activities on communities in Africa; building on research highlighting the role of Chinese actors in supply chains in different commodities, and on artisanal and small-scale mining and fisheries in Africa; and identifying leverage points within the Belt and Road Initiative in Africa.

This includes:

  • Engaging with lending patterns in China and beyond to promote a greener and more accountable financial system in China and its multilateral lending bodies
  • Engaging with the actors in particular locations with Chinese investment, especially in Africa
  • Supporting recipient governments and civil society, especially in Africa, to develop strategies for engaging Chinese government and private actors in local development visions and priorities, and 
  • Ensuring opening of space for women in BRI countries and consideration of gender issues in BRI projects. 

Key forums for this work include negotiation spaces established around investment frameworks in China and in African countries. IIED and partners have also helped create associations of enterprise, such as the Chinese timbers traders in Cameroon and the artisanal loggers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The China-Africa Forest Governance Platform, which IIED established with partners, has become recognised as the go-to dialogue forum on forest issues linked to Chinese investments in Africa.

UN agency processes aiming to ‘green the Belt and Road Initiative’ are gaining momentum. Forums in which the policies and practices of banks are scrutinised provide spaces for engagement – such as the Export Import Bank of China, China Development Bank, Bank of China, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, as well as the sovereign wealth fund, the Silk Road Fund, and the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank which make BRI investments, mostly in the form of interest-bearing loans.


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