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  • An African man makes a speech in front of a banner in Chinese

    Our previous work on China

    IIED has worked extensively in China over the past decade as part of its strategy. This page lists some of the institute's older work

    1 August 2019 | Article | Food and agriculture
  • Three men look out over a pond

    China in the world

    IIED’s 'China in the world' programme of work focuses on the sustainable development challenges and opportunities of its overseas aid, trade and investments

    1 August 2019 | Article | Food and agriculture
  • The video 'Meet Mr Forest' was presented at the 2nd Beijing Documentary Week in August 2018 (Photo: Rachel E. Berkley/IIED)

    New IIED videos inform Chinese consumers about Africa's forests

    IIED has released two new films highlighting initiatives to improve the sustainability of Chinese investments in Africa. The films are part of a wider effort to reach Chinese and international audiences with messages about sustainability, good governance and local livelihoods

    21 August 2018 | News | Forests
  • Vast quantities of logs being unloaded in the port of Zhangjiagang, South-East China. Estimates suggest timber imports travelling through Zhangjiagang increased by more than 60% in 2017 (Photo: Simon Lim/IIED)

    Crucial agreement with China could save Mozambique’s forests

    Chinese companies can help Mozambique conserve country’s threatened forests, writes Duncan Macqueen

    14 August 2018 | Blog | Forests
  • Chinese and African delegates visit a nursery and learn about a reforestation project in Pemba, Mozambique (Photo: Duncan Macqueen/IIED)

    Sustainable investment in African forest resources highlighted at China-Africa event

    Chinese and African stakeholders met in Mozambique to discuss how to protect Africa's forest resources and ensure that Chinese investment generates benefits for local African economies

    20 November 2017 | News | Natural resource management
  • Participants at the third China-Africa Forest Governance Learning Platform meeting in Beijing (Photo: Simon Lim/IIED)

    China-Africa Forest Governance Learning Platform puts focus on business solutions

    An event in Beijing brought together Chinese and African stakeholders to focus on sustainable Chinese investment and trade affecting Africa's forests

    14 February 2017 | News | Natural resource management
  • A forest near Ngon village, Ebolowa district, in Cameroon, which will host an event to bring together Chinese, African and international stakeholders to discuss trade and investment impacting Africa's forests (Photo: Photo by Ollivier Girard for Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    China-Africa forest governance strengthened with Cameroon event

    An innovative multi-stakeholder event discussing Chinese trade and investment impacting Africa's forests will take place in Yaoundé, Cameroon from 22-25 June

    19 June 2015 | News | Forests
  • The timber depot of Green Timber, a Chinese-owned timber concession that are licensed to operate in Nampula and Zambezia provinces, Mozambique (Photo: Mike Goldwater)

    China-Africa Forest Governance project

    Improving evidence, capacity and joint action for sustainable Chinese investment in Africa's forests

    22 September 2014 | Project | Forests
  • Launch event of the China-Africa Forest Governance Platform in March 2013. Photo: Simon Lim

    Just forest governance

    The way forests are governed is crucial for affecting how local people benefit from forests. IIED helps secure local communities’ commercial rights to forests by using a ‘learning group approach’, which emphasises sharing tools and tactics that have worked. At the same time, we also look at measures to reduce demand for agricultural and forest products that result in deforestation or degradation.

    7 September 2013 | Article | Forests
  • Timber in Ethiopia

    Report sets stage for China-Africa forest governance research

    IIED has published a report that identifies research that can shed light on the positive and negative effects of Chinese investment in African forests, and show how to improve governance of the timber trade.

    31 July 2013 | News | Forests
  • A mango tree frames views of a forest in Mozambique in the distance.

    China in Africa’s forests

    With growing Chinese investment in Africa’s forests and timber, could stronger China-Africa dialogue help ensure good management of forests and the timber trade?

    20 March 2013 | Blog | Forests
  • The timber depot of a Chinese-owned timber concession licensed to operate in Nampula, Mozambique. While some replanting takes place, they do not currently replace all they cut. Photo: Mike Goldwater.

    China in Africa: New forum seeks sustainable, pro-poor forestry

    A new forum will launch on 5-6 March to help ensure Chinese investments in African forests have positive outcomes for local livelihoods and sustainability.

    27 February 2013 | News | Forests
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