Chinese investments and forest land use: situations and trends in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Project report
, 52 pages
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Published: March 2019
Product code:13608IIED

An estimated third of all timber exported from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is destined for China – much of it illegally. Many are concerned that Chinese investments and trade in the DRC have negative environmental and social consequences. This project report provides an overview of China’s activities affecting forest resources and people’s livelihoods in the DRC. The results show that actions are needed to ensure Chinese investors implement good environmental and socially responsible practices in the DRC. An effective system for monitoring and controlling export-import flows with both the DRC and Chinese customs is also needed. If Chinese investment is to become an instrument for economic development in the DRC, Chinese contracts must be renegotiated to ensure that Chinese investors do not operate above the law and that benefits to the DRC improve.