Published: August 2018
ISBN: 9781784315634
Product code:13597IIED

After decades of growth in China-Mozambique economic relations, China is now the destination for approximately 93 per cent of all Mozambique’s timber exports. Meanwhile, an alarming loss of forest cover has raised concerns over the impact of this trade on Mozambique’s forest and rural development. How can the China- Mozambique timber trade foster better stewardship of forest resources in Mozambique and benefit poor men and women? This report compiles three years of work of the China-Africa Forest Governance project to develop evidence on constraints and opportunities for forest resources in productive and resilient land use and trade, to develop capacity and dialogue among relevant stakeholders in China and Mozambique, and to deliver policy and practice improvement opportunities.

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Bila, N., Egas, A., Falcao, M., Júnior, E., Maússe, A., Mayers, J., Menezes, S., Muianga, M., Norfolk, S., Ren, P., Rogers, C., Serra, C., Sitoe, E., Zhang, J. and Hou Jones, X. Macqueen, D. (eds) (2018). China in Mozambique's Forests. IIED, London.
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