Our previous work on China

IIED has worked extensively in China over the past decade as part of its strategy. This page lists some of the institute's older work.

Article, 01 August 2019
An African man makes a speech in front of a banner in Chinese

Fostering collaboration and joint action for sustainable investment in Africa's forests at the first China-Africa Forest Governance Learning Platform event in Tengchong, China (Photo: Simon Lim)

IIED has pursued a China objective in its strategy over the past decade. The institute has made some useful progress, including: 

  • Increasing quality partnerships with Chinese organisations and researchers 
  • Increasing communication and influence with Chinese audiences through dissemination of research and policy-influencing products, such as films, Chinese translations of key IIED publications, and participation in meetings and policy discussions in China
  • Fostering collaboration and joint action for sustainable Chinese investment and trade in Africa through building partnerships among Chinese businesses, civil society and research institutions and African stakeholders in both the agriculture and forestry sectors, and
  • Deepening knowledge and collaboration on China-Africa aid.

This work provides a strong basis and a unique position for IIED to go further with partners and find tangible points of engagement on sustainability issues linked to the 'China in the world' programme of work, and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Africa in particular.

Previous projects

Work we have carried out over the past decade includes:

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