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China and Brazil in African Agriculture (CBAA)

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  • The timber depot of a Chinese-owned timber concession licensed to operate in Nampula, Mozambique (Photo: Mike Goldwater)

    China Going Global – in Africa

    By improving evidence, building capacity and fostering joint actions for sustainable investment in Africa's natural resources, we promote China-Africa relations that benefit the economy, poor communities and the environment

    25 April 2015 | Project | Food and agriculture
  • Rice terraces in Changjiang Valley, China (Photo: Gabriele Quaglia)

    Our China work

    China's economic progress over the past few decades has been dramatic, but so are the challenges in social and environmental governance both within the country and in its overseas engagement. IIED's China team works to improve China's role as an international development actor at home and abroad, particularly in Africa

    5 August 2013 | Project | Drylands and pastoralism
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