Become a partner at CBA15

Partners are the lifeblood of the CBA event; without their support the conference would simply not take place!

Article, 17 February 2021
Two people carrying bags on their head walk through a bridge over a river

CBA partners create positive social and environmental impacts and break down economic access barriers with a focus on the global South (Photo: Jeffrey Barbee/Thomson Reuters Foundation via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The 15th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA15) is organised in partnership and is part of a wider programme of work focused on the theme of community-based adaptation to climate change.

Our partners contribute expertise, strategic thinking and financial support at various levels by becoming a funder, a host, a contributing or a sponsoring partner. The ways to support the conference can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

Supporting the conference financially

Partners can contribute funds to the conference or to specific elements of the agenda, such as the training day, the youth-led agenda, and the Dragons’ Den, to name a few.

Supporting the conference financially means you are supporting a wide participation of those voices from the ground through the sponsorship scheme and strengthening the impact the CBA messages have beyond the event itself.

Heather McGrayThe CBA conference series has played a unique role in getting locally led adaptation on the international climate change agenda. It has also provided a dynamic and practitioner-driven forum for practical knowledge exchange and peer learning. Nearly 100 representatives from CJRF partner organisations have attended the conference over the past four years, including grassroots activists, local journalists, and staff from small NGOs. They consistently tell us that CBA offers a valuable learning platform and inspiring community of practice – Heather McGray, Climate Justice Resilience Fund

As a CBA partner you:

  • Create positive social and environmental impacts: by enabling the unique CBA forum where participants develop and extend their networks, build their capacity on key adaptation skills and topics and where ideas for effective projects and evidence are shared
  • Break down economic access barriers: your support facilitates far lower costs in terms of time, expense and even carbon costs to enable people to attend. It also allows greater accessibility than ever before, and
  • Future-proof adaptation with a global South focus: experimenting, testing and debating via online interactions, with learning that will directly inform future conferences across the adaptation sector and support online engagement that feature global South participants.

Becoming a CBA partner benefits your organisation 

Depending on the level of support you provide, your organisation will receive: 

  • Presence and recognition through verbal acknowledgement and your logo on the CBA15 website before, during and after the conference, in the official conference programme and materials, and throughout social media channels
  • A dedicated space to promote your work on the virtual conference platform
  • A logo banner throughout the platform
  • Promotion in event publications through logo and organisational credit
  • Your logo featured in the conference background slides for all sessions, and
  • Connection with session hosts for your interest areas, to get involved in the session development.

The ways to support the conference can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Please get in touch with CBA programme manager Teresa Sarroca ( to find out more. 

Join us to co-create CBA15 

Become a Host Partner 

Host Partners contribute significantly to the financial viability of the conference, usually through an organisational grant or other support. Some Host Partners contribute more financially and are acknowledged for that.

Host Partners receive logo and verbal recognition throughout the conference, organisational input on the direction of the conference through the programming group and complimentary tickets to the event for their organisation. Host Partners are recognised throughout the conference as the financial contributors that make the conference happen.

Join the Climate Justice Resilience Fund, Irish Aid, the Global Resilience Partnership, CARE International, Practical Action and IIED to fund CBA15.

Become a Contributing Partner

Contributing Partners are critical to the success of the event. A Contributing Partner supports financially and through their organising time, networks and expertise to the success of the conference.

A Contributing Partner receives logo recognition, space for their organisation’s voice within the event and other contributing outputs. Contributing Partners are recognised throughout the conference for their funding, time and expertise that make the conference the unique event that it is.

Join Green Africa Youth, BRAC, IUCN NL, and the Huariou Commission as a Contributing Partner for CBA15.

Become a Sponsoring Partner

Sponsoring Partners are key contributors to the event via sponsoring a set of 'solidarity tickets'. A Sponsoring Partner, like all participants, also contributes their networks and expertise to the success of the conference and brings an important connection to expanding the voices of the conference more inclusively to wider networks of practice.

Sponsoring Partners receive logo recognition and acknowledgement and appreciation from participants for facilitating wider and more inclusive access.

Become a Sponsoring Partner for CBA15 and create a world where all people are on a pathway to climate-resilient, low-emission development and are thriving in the face of climate change.

Support the wider CBA+ programme of work

IIED’s Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change programme of work (CBA+) grows beyond the conference. This wider programme ensures that the wealth of knowledge and experience held by the network (you and other participants!) can inform climate change responses so that they recognise the priorities and lived experience of the most vulnerable people.

It also facilitates greater cross-sectoral partnerships and expertise, enabling practitioners from the global South to lead and shape climate action.

The wider programme links the conference to other key events, partners and policy processes. It enables the network to remain engaged throughout the year and makes sure that critical messages reach target audiences.

Both the annual conference and the wider programme brings together the network to:

  • Re-imagine solutions by challenging assumptions, and sharing and collaborating on good practices
  • Enable transformative outcomes through community-driven climate action, and
  • Facilitate a space for innovation and interactivity to drive global ambition for a climate-resilient future.

These outcomes are met throughout the year with a focus on:

  • Inclusive, gender-transformative engagement
  • Challenging assumptions, and sharing and collaborating on good practices
  • Drawing on evidence to inform the scalability of effective approaches, and
  • Influencing and shaping decision-making processes.

The focus for CBA+ is to strengthen the link to policymakers and targeted policy-relevant discussions, to ensure evidence generation includes Southern-led research agendas and bottom-up priorities, and to widen access to the event and local representation of lived experiences.

If you would like to become a supporter of CBA+ beyond this year’s conference and join the CBA steering group, please get in touch. The CBA steering group is led by CARE, the Climate Justice Resilience Fund, the Global Resilience Partnership, Irish Aid, Practical Action, Green Africa Youth and IIED.


If you have any questions about the event or registration, email us at