How you can contribute to CBA15

There are so many ways to connect at CBA15, including thematic workshops, peer-to-peer trainings, marketplace stalls, community boards, open space roundtables and the Dragons’ Den. Registered participants will have access to the conference platform as soon as it launches, offering many networking opportunities.

Man carrying rice on his back over farmland

Through knowledge brokering and influencing, CBA15 enables people on the front line to be climate resilient. In the image, hand-harvested rice is moved for threshing near Sangrur, Punjab, India (Photo: copyright 2011CIAT/NeilPalmer via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0)

The 15th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA15) takes place online over five days from 14-18 June 2021. The virtual programme brings wider access to climate practitioners globally, reduces our carbon footprint and lowers our environmental impact.

The first way to get involved is to register and secure your place for CBA15 now.

Bring your practitioner experience to the CBA15 themes

Through its knowledge brokering and influencing, CBA15 promotes or enables people on the front line to be climate resilient. The conference is a space to explore the importance and urgency of locally led adaptation and other burning issues focusing on five themes and related questions.


What does improved access to climate finance look like at the local level and what do different actors need to do to achieve the change we urgently need


Adaptation for innovation
How can we build partnerships that prioritise and sustain community-led innovation?


Responsive policy
How can policy from local to global be refocused so that it prioritises locally action and local knowledge?


Nature-based solutions
Nature-based solutions for adaptation: how can local communities drive NbS for resilient food systems?


Youth inclusion
How can we mainstream and scale youth participation so that they can be equal and capable decision makers for community-based adaptation?

The CBA15 agenda allows you to:

  • Showcase lived experiences, tools and adaptation initiatives
  • Deep dive into pertinent issues
  • Share and trade expertise in areas such as communications and project planning
  • Incubate ideas and practice developing pitches for funding, and
  • Build your understanding of good adaptation and implementation practices.

The virtual conference platform launches in April with the full agenda schedule and opportunity for registered participants to sign up for sessions early. From May, you can visit the virtual marketplace and watch short films via the platform, as well as join discussions and propose roundtables.

During the live event in June, you can join the thematic workshops and peer-to-peer trainings, which will take place over three time slots: 9am Nairobi time (7am UK BST (GMT+1)/1pm Bangkok time); 2pm Nairobi time (12pm UK BST (GMT+1)/6pm Bangkok time); and 7pm Nairobi time (5pm UK BST (GMT+1)/11pm Bangkok time).

Participant-led connection is what makes CBA different

Thematic workshops – question assumptions

Delving deeper into the conference themes, the workshops are facilitated to encourage dialogue, debate and interaction, and avoid unidirectional presentations and panels (in particular, all-white, male 'manels'). All workshops are co-hosted by at least two organisations. Creative and innovative formats and tools, such as scenario prompts, collaborative notetaking or cartoon-athons will be featured.

Please send this completed submission form to to co-host a thematic workshop, before 15 March.

For inspiration, watch the cartoon-athon session from CBA14: 

More video recordings of sessions from CBA14 are available in a playlist on IIED's YouTube channel

Peer-to-peer training – gives knowledge and skills

CBA conferences bring together people with a wide range of different expert skills and this year, CBA features its own ‘training day’. These sessions match delegates with specific skills with those seeking to acquire or strengthen their competence and knowledge.

Peer-to-peer trainings are crowd-sourced and can cover any topics relating to climate adaptation. Past years have included trainings on topics as varied as ‘how to write better blogs’; accessing climate finance; delivering monitoring, evaluation and learning; writing funding proposals and many more. As long as someone signs up, the training is delivered and featured on the main agenda.

Please complete a submission form before 15 March to host a training.

The Dragons’ Den – develop and test a pitch

Participants work together in teams to develop bids for investment and present these to a group of people with investment experience. Ideas can be as diverse as an urban waste management project (the Dragons’ Den winner at CBA13) or a community-based fund supporting women’s livelihoods, such as CBA14’s winner.

Experienced investment experts assess the merits and viability of your pitches and provide feedback to the teams in a final, competition-style plenary session. ('Dragons' Den' comes from a popular TV programme in which the investors are the 'dragons'.)

Submissions for the Dragons’ Den open on 15 March; watch this space for more information.

Ineza Umuhoza Grace head and shoulders photoMy idea started as a picture in my mind. Using what I’m learning during the sessions and from other participants I can see the actions I need to implement, the partners I need to get on board and the costs I need cover to make the project viable – Ineza Umuhoza Grace, The Green Fighter Rwanda

Marketplace – tools to succeed 

At the CBA marketplace participants host a ‘virtual stall’ to tell the story of a tool or approach they have developed, the lessons and insights from their experience (failures and successes), and set out good-practice narratives that showcase innovation and lived experience. Please complete a submission form before 19 April to apply for a marketplace stall.  

Submit a short film – be inspired 

We’re looking for the best short films about local climate adaptation and community-based adaptation projects to feature in our film programme. 

Short films are a powerful way of showing the nuances of an issue, the personal experiences of climate change or the lessons emerging from a project. If you have a video or film that is less than 10 minutes long and highlights issues relevant to community-based adaptation, share it with us!

Submissions will be evaluated by a selection committee and attendees will be asked to vote on the films. Please use the submission form to send us details and a link to your video before 19 April.  

Community boards – network with peers 

Kick off conversations with colleagues on any topic on the ‘community boards’. These discussions may focus on thematic issues, or simply be a place for people of a particular country, profession or interest to network, to share documents or share ideas.

Open space roundtables – share new ideas 

Discuss burning issues that haven’t been addressed elsewhere, highlight big ideas to develop with others or convene others working on a particular issue or geographical region. Participants with a passion to lead will host a roundtable and, if enough people sign up, these ‘tables’ will be featured in the main agenda.

Ideas for the roundtables will be crowd-sourced and you can submit ideas through the community boards on the online platform. 

Be interviewed – tell your story 

Participating in a filmed interview is an opportunity for your voice to be heard. We featured videos of participants in our CBA14 coverage and published a playlist of CBA14 interviews on IIED's YouTube channel.

If you would like to participate in a video interview, email us at

Twitter – join the conversation 

Tell your supporters about what’s happening using the hashtag #CBA15. Tweet us your questions and comments to @IIED – and we will include these in the discussions.

LinkedIn – connect with CBA practitioners 

Join the CBA LinkedIn group on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change to connect with other participants, join discussions and share details of your organisation’s work.  

weADAPT – share resources 

Join the CBA Network on weADAPT where practitioners, researchers and policymakers access credible, high-quality information and connect with one another. Upload your case study or article and add to the existing knowledge base and resource library.

About the organisers

CBA15 is funded by the Climate Justice Resilience Fund, Irish Aid and IIED, and organised with co-hosts the Global Resilience Partnership, CARE and Practical Action, in collaboration with contributing partners Green Africa Youth Organisation, BRAC, the Huariou Commission and IUCN NL.


If you have any questions about the event or registration, email us at

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