Introduction to community-based adaptation to climate change

Poor and vulnerable people are particularly affected by climate change impacts, such as floods, droughts and other extreme weather events. For decades, IIED has worked to help share knowledge developed by local communities, academics and project managers so that communities can better cope with climate change.

Men form a human chain to carry mud up to the embarkment. They are trying to build a new and stronger flood barrier after Cyclone Aila destroyed the old one

IIED's work in this area can broadly be broken down into two (often overlapping) areas:

IIED also launched the Global Initiative on Community-Based Adaptation (GICBA) initiative in 2010 to allow collaboration between organisations and individuals working on community-based adaptation to climate change. This was reinvigorated in 2015 on the WeADAPT website.

Journal article

Ecosystem- and community-based adaptation: learning from community-based natural resource management (May 2015), Hannah Reid, Taylor and Francis

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