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Smallholder innovation for resilience (SIFOR)

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  • A new radish variety shown off by Dayanand Joshi

    As climate changes, Himalayan farmers return to traditional crops

    Traditional crops and innovations are offering Himalayan farmers a way to deal with the challenges of climate change, but there is much work to be done for this to become a truly viable alternative

    29 October 2018 | Blog | Climate change
  • Women distributing seeds in Andhra Pradesh, India (Photo: Deccan Development Society)

    Q&A: Why indigenous seed-saving women are the stewards of biodiversity

    In the latest in a series highlighting how women around the world are safeguarding biodiversity, Krystyna Swiderska discusses how women are sustaining biodiverse farming by combining traditional knowledge and innovation to protect local seed systems

    18 October 2018 | Article | Biodiversity
  • IIED's Krystyna Swiderska discusses the latest research on how indigenous people adapt to climate change at a side event at the 2016 UN climate conference in Marrakech (Photo: Teresa Corcoran/IIED)

    Indigenous people use own knowledge to boost food yields despite climate change, research finds

    New research shows how indigenous communities are fine-tuning traditional knowledge to mitigate the risks of climate change

    22 November 2016 | News | Biodiversity
  • The Stone Village Seed Park lies in the Himalayan foothills of Yunnan, Southwest China. It is the homeland of the ethnic minority Naxi people. 

    Biocultural heritage territories film now in Spanish

    A visually stunning photofilm that profiles three biocultural heritage terriritories and their role in biodiversity conservation and locally determined development is now available in Spanish. Biocultural heritage territories protect indigenous and traditional land tenure and use land management to preserve fragile ecosystems and promote locally determined patterns of development

    30 August 2016 | News | Climate change
  • Workshop participants touring the Stone Village in China (Photo: Irene Song)

    Mountain peoples call for support to protect traditional knowledge

    More than 50 indigenous mountain peoples representing mountain communities in China, Nepal, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Peru gathered in the Stone Village, in Yunnan, Southwest China in May 2016, to discuss the impact of climate change on their communities. At the end of their meeting they issued the Stone Village Declaration, calling for urgent support for their traditional ways of managing natural resources, and setting out eight actions for the international community

    4 July 2016 | News | Biodiversity
  • Images of indigenous biocultural heritage territories are profiled in a new photofilm (Photo: IIED)

    New photofilm profiles biocultural heritage territories

    IIED has released a new photofilm profiling indigenous biocultural heritage territories and the role they play in development, conservation and adaptation

    11 November 2014 | News | Biodiversity
  • The new Guardians of Diversity film documents a gathering of indigenous farmers from mountain communities around the world to exchange knowledge and ideas

    Film documents visit to "Guardians of Diversity" in the Potato Park

    A new 15-minute film documents a gathering of indigenous farmers from mountain communities around the world to exchange knowledge and ideas about protecting biodiversity and culture as the basis for adapting to climate change

    10 November 2014 | News | Biodiversity
  • A farmer in the Potato Park, Peru (Photo: Adam Kerby)

    A marriage to save the earth: Farmers and researchers innovate to conserve biodiversity

    Traditional knowledge combined with the latest science could increase food production while safeguarding biodiversity, new research shows

    7 October 2014 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Farmers in Guangxi and Yunnan provinces respond to climatic adversity by using their own innovations and biocultural heritage

    China's farmers innovate to adapt to climate change

    The film "Planting for Change" tells the story of how farmers in Guangxi and Yunnan provinces have responded to climatic adversity by using their own innovations and biocultural heritage

    17 December 2013 | Blog | Climate change
  • A herbalist shares information on medicinal and food plants growing in Kaya Kinondo Sacred Coastal Forest in Kenya

    Smallholder innovation for resilience (SIFOR)

    IIED worked with partners in China, India, Kenya and Peru to revitalise traditional knowledge-based – or 'biocultural' – innovation systems of smallholder farmers in order to strengthen food security in the face of climate change. Traditional farmers continually improve and adapt their crops and farming practices in response to new challenges, using local knowledge and biodiversity, generating new technologies and practices

    16 August 2013 | Project | Climate change
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