Resilient Farming Systems in Times of Uncertainty: Biocultural Innovations in the Potato Park, Peru

Country report
, 72 pages
PDF (1.29 MB)
Published: March 2016
ISBN: 9781784313364
Product code:14663IIED

Smallholder farmers living in harsh environments have developed strategies and technologies for resilience and adaptation to climatic changes that have enabled survival over millennia. These provide important resources for innovation in response to today's climatic challenges. This report explores such 'biocultural innovations', developed by the Potato Park – a community-managed landscape in Peru's high Andes. It also explores recent trends in climate, livelihoods, food security, crop diversity and social capital. Despite significant climatic challenges, the Potato Park has succeeded in increasing crop yields, doubling incomes and crop diversity and strengthening social capital since 2003.

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