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  • A woman sitting on steps, with colourful handkerchiefs arranged in front of her

    Towards more inclusive urban health systems for refugee wellbeing

    The British Academy’s Cities and Infrastructure programme funded IIED to work with partners in Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya to undertake research on access to healthcare and other basic services for urban refugees

    5 December 2019 | Project | Poverty
  • Women work in an Agarbatti (incense stick) factory (Photo: Urban Health Resource Centre)

    Unsmart, unsafe cities for informal workers: effective policy change will need better data

    How can urban health policy be effective when the data on residents’ and workers’ leading causes of premature death, illness and injury is inadequate? A new project with partners in India seeks to fill the data gaps and support informal workers’ well-being

    5 April 2019 | Blog | Climate change
  • Home workers making bouquets (Photo: Siddharth Agarwal/UHRC)

    Addressing risks facing informal workers

    IIED and partners are assessing the occupational, environmental and public health risks faced by workers in the informal economy. This project will also explore responses to these risks with workers in India, while also helping to build their resilience to climate change

    1 October 2018 | Project | Climate change
  • A Coca-Cola sign outside a small town in Benin. Bloomberg’s new health initiative will support cities to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, but this isn't the biggest health challenge facing low-income urban residents (Photo: Lorena Pajares, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Bloomberg and public health: did he get it right?

    While welcoming the support from Michael Bloomberg for a new city-focused global public health initiative, David Satterthwaite and Sarah Colenbrander raise concerns about what is not included

    7 June 2017 | Blog | Urban
  • Informal settlements in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta. The World Bank estimates that some 29 million Indonesians live in urban areas with poor access to basic services (Photo: Axel Drainville, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Urban risks: where are the top five biggest blind spots?

    Whose lives are most at risk in urban areas of the global South – for instance from preventable diseases and disasters? And what are the most serious risks they face?

    18 April 2017 | Blog | Urban
  • Care workers in Guinea put on protective clothing (Photo: EC/ECHO)

    Ebola – what must we learn?

    The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is launching an unprecedented appeal in response to the Ebola crisis, but what lessons must we learn if we are to effectively and equitably tackle future shocks of this scale?

    30 October 2014 | Blog | Gender
  • Old Fadama, Ghana: health conditions in many low-income and informal settlements will be worsened further by rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns (Photo: David Dodman/IIED)

    Climate change and urban health

    As well as increasing loss of life and injury from extreme events, climate change will exacerbate health risks from diseases that are among the main causes of premature death in informal settlements

    29 July 2014 | Project | Climate change
  • Closing sacks of sorted plastic for recycling at the Banvari Compound at Dharavi.Credit Meena Kadri. Creative Commons.

    Work and shelter – two struggles, one reality

    Urban development programmes have tended to treat livelihoods and shelter as separate problems to solve, when in fact they are closely linked. Grassroots organisations are increasingly seeking ways to tackle these challenges together.

    9 December 2013 | Blog | Poverty
  • Environment and Urbanization, 'Health and the City'
  • PLA 23: Participatory Approaches to HIV/AIDS Programmes

    This issue of Participatory Learning and Action features articles which describe experiences and issues relating to participatory approaches to HIV and AIDS programmes.

    1 June 1995 | Article | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
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