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  • An illustration showing people and flowers in front of tall buildings.

    Building better cities: responding to the twin challenge of inequality and climate change

    How can cities promote resilient, low-carbon and just urbanisation, in a context of increasing climate breakdown and inequality? IIED’s urban researchers set out a vision for urban transformation to build just and inclusive cities

    23 June 2022 | Article | Climate change
  • In the foreground, a hotchpotch of buildings close together, towered over by large buildings in the background.

    Firm and fair foundations to transform cities, transform lives

    As IIED reflects on 50 years of action research, senior researcher Anna Walnycki talks to Jorgelina Hardoy of sister organisation IIED América Latina about the evolution of our shared community-led urban research approach, and the relevance it still holds for working with urban communities today

    14 June 2022 | Article | Urban
  • Rubbish bags on top of buildings.

    Community-led waste management at scale

    Guest blogger Laila Iskandar introduces us to the Zabbaleen – the unsung heroes managing Cairo’s waste – who provide an essential service achieving record recycling rates at no cost to the government

    12 April 2022 | Blog | Urban
  • Row of motorbikes parked on the road.

    The rise of the motorbike

    Guest blogger Arif Hasan charts the rise of the motorbike to meet the mobility needs of Karachi’s population

    25 March 2022 | Blog | Urban
  • Aerial view of informal housing.

    Data to drive informal settlement upgrading. Who generates it – and who owns it?

    Guest blogger Sheela Patel joins David Satterthwaite to reflect on the data needed to drive, inform and crucially support informal settlement upgrading. And how and by whom is it generated and used?

    3 March 2022 | Blog | Urban
  • Building split in half

    From protector to evictor of slum residents – reversal of roles for the judiciary

    Guest blogger Arif Hasan reflects on the seismic shift in attitude in the criminal justice system he has observed over his 50 years as teacher, researcher, writer, activist, architect and advisor to government and civil society in Karachi. He illustrates this by examining recent court judgements – and their possible causes

    24 February 2022 | Blog | Urban
  • People sit on the floor in  group under cover facing a standing man making a presentation/speech

    Building resilience to climate change through slum upgrading – the case of Jaga Mission in Odisha, India

    Citing the case of Jaga Mission, guest blogger Antarin Chakrabarty suggests that high-quality, community-driven slum upgrading programmes can contribute to climate change resilience

    7 February 2022 | Blog | Urban
  • Aerial view of an informal settlement and an urban centre in the background

    Rethinking household surveys reveals true picture of health inequality

    Groundbreaking work by a Nairobi-based research institute, the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC), shows the scale of health inequality in Nairobi and its informal settlements

    18 January 2022 | Blog | Urban
  • A woman crouches on the flor next to a stove to make a meal

    Multiple housing and climate-related vulnerabilities of informal workers in Indore, India

    While informal workers in Indore, India contend with multi-faceted vulnerabilities, recent research shows a gradual transition towards resilience. Guest bloggers Siddharth Agarwal and Kanupriya Kothiwal discuss the findings.

    16 December 2021 | Blog | Urban
  • Skyline view of a city with houses and short buildings in the front and skyscrapers in the background.

    Q&A: Citizen participation in planning − from the neighbourhood to the city

    What is the current state of knowledge on making planning more genuinely inclusive? A panel of urban experts answer questions from a recent webinar that discussed examples and theories of participatory planning from around the world.

    10 December 2021 | Article | Urban
  • A small brick building with two steps leading to a corrugated iron door houses a pit latrine.

    The case for sewers

    On World Toilet Day 2021 we take a look at the surprisingly controversial role of sewers in countering poor-quality sanitation in cities in the global South

    19 November 2021 | Blog | Poverty
  • Informal housing and tall buildings behind.

    Definitions matter – part one

    Why is it that many of the key statistics used to measure progress in development have no agreed definition – ‘city population’, ‘water availability’, ‘slum’ and ‘poverty line’ to name but a few

    10 November 2021 | Blog | Poverty
  • Large yellow digger vehicle parked in front of slum dwellings.

    Citizen participation in planning: from the neighbourhood to the city

    This event on Wednesday, 24 November reflected on the needs and challenges of citizen participation in the planning and development of informal settlements

    9 November 2021 | Event | Urban
  • Aerial view of a slum.

    Can we reduce urban poverty and inequality and achieve net zero cities?

    This year, World Habitat Day focuses on how cities can develop practical, workable plans for a carbon-free world. Over half the world’s population live in urban areas, so it’s unsurprising that cities are responsible for 75% of carbon emissions. Anna Walnycki and Tucker Landesman explain why efforts to achieve zero carbon cities will only be successful if they simultaneously address pervasive urban poverty and inequalities

    4 October 2021 | Blog | Poverty
  • Group of people posing for a photo

    Making strides to improve health and climate resilience in Zimbabwe’s cities

    Guest blogger Artwell Kadungure and Alice Sverdlik report on how real progress is being made to improve the lives and livelihoods of informal workers as a result of collaboration with key policymakers

    25 August 2021 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • Aerial view of informal settlement

    Reducing urban poverty – lessons not learnt?

    What have we learned from over five decades of initiatives meant to reduce urban poverty? And what, if any, benefits have been felt by the estimated one billion, and counting, residents of informal settlements and tenements in urban areas in the global South?

    11 August 2021 | Blog | Urban
  • Flooded street with tall buildings in the background

    Rethinking urban climate resilience: time for a reset?

    Aditya Bahadur and guest blogger Thomas Tanner discuss their new book which explores the changing nature of climate risk in towns and cities and explains why existing approaches for tackling this risk need a shake-up

    19 July 2021 | Blog | Urban
  • Man sits on the floor holding aubergines. In front, there's a table with vegetables

    Community-led COVID-19 response: an update from the Philippines

    One year on, Ruby Papeleras and Migo Gaddi provide an update on the action of the Homeless People’s Federation of the Philippines in its fight against COVID-19, including case studies of what has been done in the cities of Davao and Talisay

    14 July 2021 | Blog | Urban
  • Vegetable garden in the middle of a city street

    Argentinian city Rosario wins award for urban sustainability

    The World Resources Institute Ross Centre ‘Prize for Cities’ competition has awarded its grand prize to the municipality of Rosario, to recognise major progress in building climate resilience and equity through urban agriculture

    9 July 2021 | News | Climate change
  • Aerial view of Villa 20, Buenos Aires

    Transforming cities, transforming lives

    IIED and partners are developing, testing and disseminating a scalable approach for achieving key shifts in urban development to put cities on a path to achieving climate justice and zero-carbon emissions by 2050

    30 June 2021 | Project | Policy and planning
  • Woman cooks using wood fire

    Feeding all city inhabitants

    Cecilia Tacoli explores how food and nutrition security in urban areas is often overlooked by policymakers and city governments

    28 June 2021 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • Headshots of six people over a sunrise over a city

    Wanted: an inclusive vision of urban recovery from COVID-19: Make Change Happen podcast episode 12

    In this episode of Make Change Happen, expert practitioners discuss the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in urban areas, and they share a range of inclusive, locally led responses from the global South

    21 June 2021 | Article | Communication
  • Aerial view of informal settlement

    COVID-19 in cities: pathways towards a transformative urban recovery

    COVID19-is asymmetrical and will impact differently as poorer countries battle to gain access to vaccines. At a time of diminished budgets and resources, their needs are the highest. We can only respond if we do our work more inclusively and strategically

    16 June 2021 | Blog | Poverty
  • A woman burns off plastic in an informal settlement

    What women want – part two: to map vulnerability to climate change

    Guest blogger Sheela Patel continues her discussion of the priorities and needs of women living in informal settlements and tenements, highlighted by COVID-19. In this blog, she explains why women are ideally placed to map vulnerability to climate change in their community and city

    11 June 2021 | Blog | Gender
  • Group of people in discussion seated at a table

    Tricky questions and frank discussions: a participatory forum on protracted displacement in Afghanistan

    Guest blogger Nassim Majidi draws together three key points emerging from a recent multi-stakeholder forum aimed at developing innovative and inclusive solutions to manage forced displacement in Afghanistan

    10 June 2021 | Blog | Urban
  • Cover of book: Urban poverty in the global South

    Book summary: Urban poverty in the global South − scale and nature

    In this book Diana Mitlin and David Satterthwaite offer a comprehensive analysis on the state of urban poverty in the global South, analysing aspects such as inadequate nutrition, poor health, lack of security, low incomes and bad working conditions

    25 May 2021 | Article | Urban
  • Woman hanging laundry

    What women want – part one

    Guest blogger Sheela Patel discusses how COVID-19 has highlighted the priorities and most pressing needs of women living in informal settlements and tenements

    18 May 2021 | Blog | Gender
  • View of Monterrey, Mexico

    New coalition to transform cities – and lives

    The new Transformative Urban Coalitions project brings IIED and partners together to change structures and values, build new urban coalitions and implement strategies leading to socially inclusive zero-carbon cities

    10 May 2021 | News | Policy and planning
  • Informal housing with open sewer

    Broadening the understanding and measurement of urban poverty

    With the pandemic shining a spotlight on inequality and deprivation in cities across the global North and South, now is the time to try and understand what actually constitutes urban poverty so that funding and public services can reach those who need it most

    6 May 2021 | Blog | Poverty
  • Aerial view of Accra, Ghana.

    African Cities Research Consortium

    The African Cities Research Consortium brings together a range of international partners to explore and tackle the complexity around urban development in some of Africa’s biggest cities

    16 October 2020 | Project | Urban
  • Woman carrying a child

    Bringing urban refugees into local planning

    Can we move from emergency to developmental response to the large and growing numbers of refugees living in urban areas by bringing them into local planning processes?

    20 July 2020 | Blog | Urban
  • A view of Shanghai's tall buildings

    Cities’ development trajectories

    David Satterthwaite examines the factors driving the development of cities

    16 June 2020 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • A view over a large township

    Internal and international influences on urban change

    David Satterthwaite takes a closer look at drivers and influences of urban change

    27 May 2020 | Blog | Economics
  • A busy side street in the settlement of Dharavi

    Invisiblising cities: the obsession with national statistics and international comparisons

    David Satterthwaite discusses the vast gaps in city data, and explains why planning, governing and servicing cities calls for data that is broken down into city and sub-city level

    25 February 2020 | Blog | Monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • In 1992 the United Nations called Mexico City "the most polluted city on the planet". City authorities took radical steps to cut pollution, but Mexico City still has smog and is increasingly vulnerable to climate change (Photo: Fidel Gonzalez, Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

    Should cities invest in climate mitigation?

    There are compelling economic opportunities for cities to reduce their carbon footprints – but will these measures be enough to stay below 2 degrees of warming?

    21 September 2015 | Blog | Climate change
  • The Retiro district of Buenos Aires features affluent shopping and business areas close to a large shanty town where many homes don't have running water (Photo: Mark Edwards/IIED)

    Urbanisation and the environment

    Growing urban affluence tends to have profound environmental consequences, but the net impact depends heavily on how the transition is managed. IIED worked to identify the best means of making urbanisation more environmentally beneficial and less destructive

    16 July 2015 | Project | Poverty
  • Brazilian favelas, such as this one in Rio De Janeiro, reflect a more passive resistance to urbanisation, involving a heavy legacy of social inequality and conflict (Photo: dany13, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Learning about urbanisation from the BRICS

    It is critically important to draw the right lessons from the BRICS, and both the successes and failures of their urbanisation strategies have much to teach the rest of the urbanising world. IIED worked to draw out some of these lessons

    18 June 2015 | Project | Urban
  • A settlement in Chabahil, an ancient town near Kathmandu in Nepal. Many countries use different definitions or 'urban' (Photo: Gordon McGranahan/IIED)

    Urbanisation and emerging population issues

    Urbanisation is a defining trend of our time. IIED worked with partners around the world to promote the benefits of urbanisation while avoiding its destructive tendencies

    15 June 2015 | Project | Urban
  • Investments in community infrastructure – like this canalside walkway in Bangkok – can help to build resilience for low-income urban residents. Funding for this type of local improvement should be a priority for climate change financing (Photo: Ruth Mcleod)

    Financing urban resilience

    Cities need to adapt to climate change: but how it be financed? IIED is working to build the case for more direct control of funding for resilience by urban residents and local governments

    30 March 2015 | Project | Climate change
  • A community sanitation facility in Jinja, Uganda (Photo: David Dodman/IIED)

    World Toilet Day: People need equality and dignity when they 'have to go'

    On World Toilet Day on 19 November, our photoblog details the work of IIED and its partners to tackle the fact that 2.5 billion people lack access to basic sanitation

    18 November 2014 | Blog | Urban
  • This IIED data visual shows the scale and speed of global urban transformation (Photo: Matt Wright/IIED)

    Visualising urbanisation

    We are living in what many call 'the urban century' and the many layers of complexity around the world's growth in urban areas have led IIED to develop new ways of looking at urbanisation

    4 September 2014 | Project | Poverty
  • Community reblocking to improve settlement design and the quality of the neighbourhood in Namibia (Photo: Diana Mitlin/IIED)

    Namibia shows how to support low cost housing

    Around a quarter of Namibians live in informal urban neighbourhoods; they live without secure tenure and without adequate access to services. So how has the country gained its reputation for progressive state action on housing?

    13 June 2014 | Blog | Poverty
  • People stand on a sea-wall with a road and look out at the ocean.

    8 points on financing climate change adaptation in urban areas

    As the urgency for governments and international agencies to address climate change increases, an expert meeting identified eight key points on finance priorities.

    20 June 2013 | Blog | Climate change
  • Addressing the needs of urban children and adolescents

    Not enough is known about practical and effective ways of addressing children's interests within urban development. Their concerns are rarely taken into account in most planning decisions, community development projects or housing and neighbourhood upgrading schemes

    5 January 2009 | Project | Poverty
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