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  • A woman hands protective equipment to another woman.

    Engaging pastoralist communities through citizen movements to amplify their voice

    This case study examines how the Pastoralists Alliance for Resilience in Northern Rangelands (the PARAN Alliance) and its members engage communities and amplify the voice of pastoralist communities in climate decision making and use traditional knowledge and climate information to build resilience in northern Kenya

    11 December 2020 | Article | Climate change
  • Women hoeing a field.

    Building a women-led community climate movement

    This case study examines how Women’s Climate Centers International is supporting local community-led action to build resilience to climate change in Uganda and Kenya, including by communicating traditional and technical climate information

    3 December 2020 | Article | Climate change
  • A seated man cleaning a crutch.

    Disability, inclusion and cities: can COVID-19 trigger change?

    COVID-19 has exacerbated the disadvantages experienced by disabled people in low-income communities of the global South. Here, Ignacia Ossul-Vermehren explains how urban community organisations are offering effective short-term support and inspiring inclusive longer-term strategies

    1 October 2020 | Blog | Urban
  • Three women sit on the floor for a meeting

    Responding to COVID-19 in a high-density low-income district in Mumbai

    A representative from a grassroots federation in Mumbai describes how the community is self-organising for an effective COVID-19 response

    13 May 2020 | Blog | Urban
  • Two women walking in a slum

    COVID-19: on the front line where crisis meets normal

    It is time for the development community to rethink its attitude to risk. COVID-19 shows the need to challenge vertical hierarchies and top-down responses to global crises

    16 April 2020 | Blog | Communication
  • An image showing local people building a house in a slum in Bolivia, where Shack Dwellers International has worked with authorities. Many Latin American cities are leading the way in working with community organisations (Photo: Shack Dwellers International, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

    Is community-based adaptation suited to cities?

    In the week of the urban-themed 10th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation, we ask what is needed for this approach to succeed in urban spaces

    26 April 2016 | Blog | Climate change
  • Protect and survive: customary safeguards, traditional knowledge

    In thousands of rural communities from Bolivia to Bangladesh, traditional knowledge makes up the living core of culture. Bound up with local livelihoods and biodiversity, it forms a holistic system precisely tailored to local needs and environmental capacity. Its evolution over time and through shifting conditions ensures traditional practices are robust and adaptable to climate change.

    9 November 2009 | Article | Biodiversity
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