Steve Bass

Senior associate, Director's Group

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Languages: English, French (basic) and Portuguese (basic)


  • Governance and markets that integrate poverty reduction and environmental management
  • 40 years of national policy and field experience in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and Southern Asia in sustainable development, green economy and forestry
  • A director of the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute; and advisory council member for the Sustainable Amazon Foundation (Fundação Amazônia Sustentável)
  • Facilitating international policy processes for sustainable development, with significant roles in UN (several advisory groups for UNEP and UNDP), OECD (previous chair of the DAC Network on Environment and Development Cooperation - Environet) and multi-stakeholder platforms (co-founder of Green Economy Coalition (GEC))

Before IIED

Prior to the role as senior associate at IIED:

  • Head of IIED’s Shaping Sustainable Markets group, director of programmes, director of forestry and land use  
  • Chief environment advisor at Department for International Development
  • Southern Africa Programme Manager, IUCN
  • Warren Weaver Fellow, Rockefeller Foundation


•    MSc, forestry and its relation to land management, Oxford University
•    BLD, landscape design, Manchester University
•    BA Hons and MA, agricultural and forest sciences, Oxford University

Current work

•    Technical lead for the FCDO’s Nature Facility – on-call advice for UK embassies and FCDO departments
•    Senior advisor to the FCDO-IIED REDAA programme – Reversing Environmental Degradation in Africa and Asia
•    Advisor to UNEP on integrating ‘people’ into its ‘People and Planet’ strategy
•    Moderator of global Policy Forum on Natural Capital Accounting
•    Facilitating national green economy dialogues with GEC