ASM-LSM-government relations. Shaping an agenda for collaboration

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Published: April 2015
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Over the past six months, IIED has been exploring routes to a more inclusive and responsible mining sector that supports improved stakeholder roles, relations and responsibility, to secure sustainable livelihoods and economic performance. We have spoken to 37 people from the world of gold mining — including representatives of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM), large-scale mining (LSM), civil society and government. This builds on our many years of engagement to develop a knowledge programme for ASM — identified as a major gap in the sector by IIED’s 10-year review of Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (Buxton 2012). This paper draws on our conversations and a recent literature review to present the key opportunities and challenges that help or hinder ASM for sustainable development — and how improved relations between the different stakeholder groups can address these. It is intended as a framework for discussion at a ‘visioning workshop’ in April 2015. The workshop will see global and influential members of ASM, LSM and government jointly shape a framework for a series of in-country dialogues with locally-driven and locally-defined agendas for transforming the local ASM sector. This publication forms part of IIED’s work to identify pathways towards inclusive and responsible mining.

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