Inclusive Green Growth in Zambia: Scoping the needs and potentials

Country report
PDF (804.92 KB)
Published: February 2014
ISBN: 9781843699965
Product code:16558IIED

Many countries are exploring their prospects for green growth. It has become a hot topic, proving attractive to governments, companies, and civil society groups alike. The 2012 Rio+20 Summit concluded that green growth is best defined and tailored according to the individual country context. This report describes Zambia’s approach to develop a Zambian Inclusive Green Growth Strategy under its Sixth National Development Plan. The Zambian definition for inclusive green growth, is ‘inclusive development that makes sustainable and equitable use of Zambia’s natural resources within ecological limits’. The report describes the changing international policy and financial context for inclusive green growth, reports on a workshop facilitated by IIED, and proposes initial steps to develop its operational Strategy.