Kenya’s coffee sector in the COVID-19 context: can producer agency be sustained?

Date: Tuesday, 19 May 2020
Where: Zoom
Two women sit as they hand pick coffee beans at a desk

Women hand pick the coffee that is exported by Vava Coffee Ltd (Photo: Vava Angwenyi)

This webinar on 19 May 2020 discussed an experience of promoting the agency of coffee growers as well as youth and women entrepreneurship in Kenya’s coffee sector, the implications of COVID-19 and some possible pathways to sustaining the progress made to date.

An initiative led by IIED is generating lessons on how rural producers, their associations and wider communities can best empower themselves to articulate their development priorities, make informed choices, and negotiate effectively for equitable partnerships with progressive private sector actors in commercial agriculture.

This webinar, part of the 'Empowering Producers In Commercial agriculture’ (EPIC) project, shared and debated experiences around a social enterprise that has been seeking to cause positive social and economic disruption within the coffee industry.

Its focus has been creating sustainable livelihoods for more smallholder farmers. At the core is promoting women and youth access to and agency within the coffee supply chain.


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About IIED's legal tools work: Lorenzo Cotula (, team leader, legal tools; principal researcher, IIED's Natural Resources research group