Thierry Berger's blog posts

25 May 2018 |

Unequal bargaining power often characterises the relationship between small-scale rural producers and agribusinesses. A recent IIED webinar discussed ways to protect and support farmers when negotiating with companies.

5 March 2018 |

During investor-state arbitrations, the rights and interests of local communities are often overlooked. A recent webinar discussed mechanisms that are getting the concerns of local communities on the table.

19 June 2017 |

A range of tools and approaches can support rural communities to exercise their rights and give them greater control over agribusiness deals that could affect their future, as a recent IIED webinar explored.

1 December 2016 |

A recent IIED webinar explored how developing community by-laws that suit local needs can be a powerful way of protecting the lands of indigenous peoples and rural communities.

4 August 2016 |

Online databases are proving a useful tool for communities facing large-scale agricultural investments and associated conflicts, as a recent IIED webinar discovered.

24 March 2016 |

Large-scale agricultural investments impact upon men and women in different ways, yet women's voices and interests are not always heard in decisions about land. An IIED webinar examined how this could be changed.

22 October 2015 |

When communities lose access to land, or their livelihoods, as a result of large agricultural investment projects, what can they do? An IIED webinar examined how mapping out the investment chains and using 'pressure points' can help.

26 March 2015 |

Investment treaties can have far-reaching implications for communities, but how can citizens in low- and medium-income countries influence their content? An IIED webinar examined the role of civil society advocacy on investment treaties in Malaysia, the Philippines and beyond.

7 January 2015 |

How can remote communities with little formal education hold investors to account and seek redress when their rights to land and resources are threatened? An IIED webinar examined the role of grievance mechanisms.

25 March 2014 |

How is it possible to challenge laws that promote investment but adversely affect the rights of local communities? Two legal empowerment practitioners from peasants' rights and indigenous peoples organisations in Indonesia recently shared their experiences during IIED's first Legal Tools webinar, writes Thierry Berger.