Simon Anderson's blog posts

23 October 2017 |

Transparency and downward accountability, arguably key aspects to delivering the Paris Agreement, will be one of four evidenced themes explored at this year's Development & Climate Days (D&C Days). Simon Anderson sets out some tough questions that will be addressed around this theme during the two-day event and explains how session outcomes will seek influence in COP23 climate negotiations and beyond. 

30 September 2015 |

The UK has promised to increase funding for climate finance up to 2020, but if this money comes from the aid budget, how can we be sure that climate spending will also deliver on poverty eradication and the sustainable development agenda?

31 October 2013 |

At the COP19 climate conference in Poland, it would be a mistake for industrialised countries to expect the private sector to be the primary solution providing the financial commitments made to poorer nations, warns Simon Anderson.

10 October 2013 |

Scotland has shown international leadership with its Climate Justice Fund and by recognising the country’s responsibility towards climate-vulnerable communities.

6 December 2012 |

IIED and partners Garama 3C ltd and Adaptify are developing tailored frameworks to help developing countries evaluate their climate adaptation investments: not just the ‘outputs’ these produce, but the ‘outcomes’ they deliver.

31 October 2012 |

Policymakers need to better integrate strategies for dealing with climate change into their country’s development plans, rather than leaving them isolated as stand-alone policies and projects.