Krystyna Swiderska's blog posts

16 January 2017 |

Our survey found broad support for a labelling scheme for biocultural heritage-based products. Now we need to get a pilot project off the ground.

5 February 2016 |

The Paris Agreement commits governments to climate action. To deliver this agenda successfully, they must engage with all sectors of society, including indigenous peoples, and recognise traditional knowledge.

7 October 2014 |

Traditional knowledge combined with the latest science could increase food production while safeguarding biodiversity, new research shows. 

17 December 2013 |

The film "Planting for Change" tells the story of how farmers in Guangxi and Yunnan provinces have responded to climatic adversity by using their own innovations and biocultural heritage – and by improving this heritage by working with scientists on participatory plant breeding projects.

2 October 2013 |

Indigenous knowledge is innovative, not static, says Krystyna Swiderska. Protecting it will help food security.

2 October 2012 |

As delegates gather for the 11th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, in Hyderabad India (8-19 October), this photostory remembers some of the difficulties facing people who live in biodiversity-rich areas and looks at why two different communities have developed community protocols.

4 July 2012 |

Two safeguards for communities' rights to resources can help implement the Nagoya Protocol.

15 March 2012 |

Community Protocols are a vital way forward for negotiating agreements that are equitable, and conserve their local biodiversity and traditional knowledge.