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3 November 2015 |

Informal markets are at the heart of many developing country economies, but how can authorities work with the informal sector? A training and certification scheme for Kenya's informal dairy sector provides valuable policy lessons.

17 December 2014 |

The short answer is informality: they are all often produced, processed or sold by people who operate outside formal rules and regulations. But these small markets add up to big business.

27 June 2012 |

China’s role as “the factory of the world” has led to enormous environmental degradation within the country. Now it's at a crossroads. Will it seek to address the consequences of its growing consumption and production, or continue with business as usual?

14 November 2011 |

Small producers sustaining rich agricultural biodiversity in developing countries are struggling to compete and survive. Are Geographical Indications and trademarks a way forward?

7 October 2010 |

One interpretation of Lady Gaga’s recent outing in a dress made of raw meat is that it was a statement about our society’s ‘hypocritical attitude to meat’. Have some consumers become so distanced from the way in which their meat is produced that the sight of raw meat is so shocking? And is this willful ignorance representative of a wider refusal to accept the realities of how our consumption of meat impacts both the environment and wider society? If that is the case we ignore it at our own peril.

26 August 2010 |

The recession may have quickened a move to a new aid architecture with the emergence of new players, new directions and new types of aid.