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26 June 2018 |

Ben Garside and Davida Wood discuss whether customer-sourced data can help unpick the problems of electricity supply in Tanzania.

16 March 2017 |

Social learning can be effective in tackling 'wicked' problems such as climate change. And research shows there are better results when strong processes are at the centre of these approaches.

13 December 2016 |

With the energy sector expanding, how can the perspectives of local communities and end users shape future power?

25 March 2014 |

In late February, discussions over the post-2015 development agenda reached a milestone. The co-Chairs of the Open Working Group (OWG), the body tasked with preparing a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposal for consideration by the UN General Assembly in September 2014, issued a "Focus Areas Document".

25 June 2012 |

Rio+20 failed to deliver any significant globally binding agreements on energy. Will voluntary Sustainable Energy For All initiative commitments fare any better?

27 January 2012 |

<p>Given the recent protests against fuel subsidies, how will Nigeria&rsquo;s planned power reforms, set to start in earnest this year, play out?</p>

27 May 2011 |

The informal sector has so much innovation that often goes unnoticed by academics, government and mainstream businesses alike. My month in Chile working with a grassroots movement of wastepickers reminded me of this — as well as the potential to harness some of the power of this informality in more organised models that benefit the poorest.

19 September 2010 |

10 May 2010 |

When recession hits the developing world, it is often women who bear the brunt of falling incomes and joblessness. But how do women in differing contexts across the South respond to these challenges? More, what about other diversity issues - such as age, or sexual orientation - within the context of financial crisis?

Ben Garside's blog posts with other authors

Susannah Fisher and Ben Garside
23 January 2017 |

A recent IIED study looked at how the process of decision making can help address challenges created by the uncertainties of future climate change. Our research highlighted the benefits of moving from technocratic solutions to a process-based political approach.

Sarah Wykes and Ben Garside
16 September 2013 |

Universal energy access is a laudable aim, but attempts to achieve it must take on board local contexts and sensitivities, say Sarah Wykes and Ben Garside.