Planning pro-poor energy services for maximum impact: the Energy Delivery Model Toolkit (Indonesia)

PDF (1.6 MB)
Published: December 2017
ISBN: 9781784315467
Product code:16638IIED

Access to modern energy services is vital for poverty alleviation and human development. The Energy Delivery Model (EDM) project is a collaboration between CAFOD and IIED, aiming to build understanding of the enabling factors and barriers to delivering energy services for poor groups, learning from practitioner experience and research. This report introduces the EDM toolkit, a sixstep process with two innovative tools for inclusive planning of energy services.

The toolkit aims to ensure services are appropriate to the local context, meet end users’ development needs and are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable, maximising their impact. The report summarises the process of testing the EDM approach with partners in Indonesia. It outlines the learning from this experience, including wider insights into improving the sustainability and scalability of last-mile energy services and the costs of sub-optimal service design and delivery that merit further research and analysis