Anna Walnycki's blog posts

19 February 2018 |

Anna Walnycki explains how reliable, disaggregated data on water access – supported by the framework of the SDGs – could help tackle the challenges facing Lebanon's water sector.

18 December 2017 |

The influx of Syrian refugees has deepened Lebanon's water crisis. Anna Walnycki considers the coordinated responses of different actors to deliver reliable water supply, mitigate future shocks, and stop Lebanon's water from running dry

6 February 2017 |

The SDGs aim to promote the "availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all". This case study of Dar es Salaam helps to consider the complexity of realising this goal at all levels

18 October 2016 |

Ahead of a side event at Habitat III, Anna Walnycki highlights how funding is needed for grassroots upgrading of informal settlements in the face of evictions.

7 October 2016 |

The United Nations Conference on Housing and Urban Sustainable Development, more commonly known as Habitat, takes place just once every 20 years, but IIED has been engaged since the start in 1976

25 August 2016 |

World Water Week is an important opportunity to tackle the gap between global ambitions to achieve fair access to water and sanitation – and realities on the ground.

26 May 2016 |

Global debates can help frame how human rights in the city are recognised but are often far removed from processes that affirm rights at local level.

22 March 2016 |

On World Water Day, a new briefing shows that the urban poor are missing out on the benefits of 'improved' water services because the costs are too high. 

8 July 2015 |

This month the world's leaders will meet in Addis to decide how they fund the Sustainable Development Goals. While the focus will be on where this money will come from, the real question is will this money support the world's poorest to shape their own futures?